Investing in your skin in your 20s is an absolute must. You might not be thinking about it now since your skin is youthful and beautiful! But all the times you went outside with zero sunscreen this will, unfortunately, affect the skin later on.



By starting early with skin treatments and botox you can prevent future damage and control the aging process. And of course, if you struggle with hormonal acne or scarring it would be great to get under control with the right treatment plan so there is no build-up of dead skin. Come visit your favorite skin experts at Images Med Spa in Wheaton. 630.345.8731💗


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Consultation Time 

At Images Med Spa in Wheaton, we offer a complimentary skin consultation where our providers will do a deep analysis of your skin and come up with the best treatment plan. Not all skin is the same and self-treating can be a frustrating process with no long-term results. At Images Med Spa we are all about having a plan before diving into your options. We aim for the best results and some plans will require more effort. Everything adds up when it comes to staying on top of the concerns of your skin. Receiving all the recommended treatments while taking care of the skin with medical-grade products will give you the best results. You will also be thanking yourself later in life when the skin concerns become deep and require more attention. 


First Step: Medical-Grade Facial

Get any spa facial is nice but getting a Medical-Grade facial is customized to unique skin concerns that a facial will not treat. A regular facial is will definitely give the skin the nice glow you might be looking for. But Medical-Grade products used in a facial contains stronger and doctor approved ingredients to get the job done. While your skin needs might vary from clogged pores, breakouts, uneven skin tones, and fine lines. A custom Medical-Grade facial is a good starting treatment to specifically treat every inch of your skin. When you’re new to the skin treatment world most times the skin just needs the extra attention extracting dead skin cells or build of oils, make-up, and debris. From there our estheticians will make sure to layout a whole skin treatment plan for you and what the next recommend treatments would be plus skincare products. 



Next Step: Chemical Peel 

A peel is the perfect skin treatment if you’re looking to reduce acne, scarring, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. This treatment uses strong chemicals to restore the skin’s surface and overall complexion. There are different levels of the peel which is an important factor to consider before choosing which level. The different levels of peels include light, medium, and deep. We recommend discussing your options with one of our estheticians before using the medium and deep peel because they are a bit harsher on the skin. During the chemical peel, an exfoliant will be applied to thicker areas of the skin and then we will move to thinner areas of the skin. After the peel, a cool compress will be applied to the skin to relieve the skin from tenderness. A peel works by lifting the dead skin cells off the top layer of the epidermis and then encourages the body to go through a natural healing process of producing more collagen. Post-treatment and days following the will be a bit red. But after that your newly transformed skin will appear with a smooth and bright complexion. 


Next Step: Microneedling 

Chemical Peels and Microneedling might treat similar concerns but both treatments are very different. One of these treatments might be more suitable for your skin and one of our skin experts after doing a thorough analysis will have the best option for you. During a microneedling session, mini punctures are made to the skin which leads to the skin producing a new layer of skin. This incredible process will minimize acne scars, stretch marks, fines lines, and wrinkles. Researchers and doctors have proven that this treatment is simple yet truly effective. There are no miracle creams to erase your skin concerns sadly. Microneedling requires a natural healing process by producing excess collagen to repairs it original damaged surface. Microneedling does not hurt and we offer numbing cream to ease any discomfort. Most describe the post-treatment to feel like a sunburn but you can still get right back to your regular routine within 24 hours. 



Your At-Home Skincare Routine 

I mean face we all want the skin that requires no Instagram filter. But at Images Med Spa in Wheaton we get it nobody wants to break the bank either on skincare products. Instead of dropping hundreds on skincare at Sephora, you should rethink that. We’re not saying you can’t find some awesome products at Sephora but when it comes to skincare you should not get it store-bought unless you want to waste your money. Medical-grade products at Images Med Spa can only be prescribed by one of our skin professionals. The ingredients are all pure and tested by doctors. When you buy store-bought skin products you don’t actually how many of those ingredients are safe because it could have been approved by anyone. If you’re on a budget we can still find medical-grade products that fit your budget. 


Your skin is one of the best investments you will make if you start earlier on in your 20s. The skin is delicate and can be easily damaged by outdoor factors such as pollution or UV rays. Taking the right steps and precautions with the right skin treatments and medical-grade products will keep the skin fresh and youthful! Book your consultation today at Images Med Spa in Wheaton! 630.345.873.

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