Filler Can Look Natural with the RHA Collection

Your skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid (HA). HA keeps the skin hydrated, refreshed, and youthfully supple, but less HA is produced as we age, causing a lack of facial volume, wrinkles, and fine lines. Creases and folds also appear because of the millions of motions you make every day when you laugh, talk, yawn, and more. Reversing these changes and getting a natural look with fillers can be challenging, as the areas treated are typically mobile. Done incorrectly, fillers can make the treated area look unnatural when the face is moving. Images Med Spa offers patients the RHA Collection–injectable treatments that are specially designed to allow for a greater range of facial motion–giving us the power to restore lost volume, smooth your skin, and create a more youthful look that’ll never go out of style.

Skin Goals

What is the RHA Collection?

The RHA Collection describes not just one, but a series of highly effective injectable dermal fillers. With a name that stands for “resilient hyaluronic acid,” the RHA Collection of fillers was formulated with a type of hyaluronic acid that very closely resembles the compound produced naturally by your body. A formula that involves longer chains of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and fewer additives enables our highly trained injectors to create results that sometimes last for as long as 15 months, though it’s worth noting that every patient is different. With the RHA Collection, you’ll enjoy naturalistic yet noticeable results that visibly rejuvenate your look and create a pleasing sense of youthful vitality.

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Relaxing Those Wrinkles for Ideal Results Areas We Treat With Dysport

01 Forehead
02 Under eyes
03 Cheeks
04 Lips
05 Mouth
06 Chin
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Procedure Time

60 minutes

Recovery Time

Minimal to none

RHAResults We Are Obsessed With

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After - Woman
Before - Woman
After - Woman

Making Your Cosmetic Dreams a Reality


Images Med Spa is top quality. Images is always spotless and the full staff there is inviting and professional.

Jane D., 52

Images Med Spa is amazing. Images is always spotless and the full staff there is inviting and professional.

Sarah M., 44

Images Med Spa is wonderful. Images is always spotless and the full staff there is inviting and professional. Images Med Spa is wonderful. Images Med Spa is wonderful.

Thalia J., 61

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How the RHA Collection Can Help You

  • The RHA Collection offers patients a series of specifically formulated dermal fillers. This gives our practitioners the ability to create results that are tailored directly to your personal goals.
  • RHA Redensity is ideal for addressing moderate to severe lines that can form around the lips and mouth while still enabling you to retain your full and natural range of motion.
  • RHA 2 is most frequently used to resolve the presence of moderate wrinkles between the eyebrows—which are sometimes referred to as “eleven lines”—as well as slight wrinkling around the lips and mouth.
  • RHA 3 is typically selected for patients who are interested in treating more severe wrinkles and folds, especially those that run from the nose to the mouth (referred to as “nasolabial folds”).
  • RHA 4 helps us treat deeper, more severe wrinkles and instances of volume loss. It is often most effective when addressing jowling or filling in lost facial volume in the cheeks and under the eyes.

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Images Med Spa is setting a new standard when it comes to aesthetic excellence. Visiting our luxurious practice means treating yourself to a wide selection of the latest options in advanced cosmetic enhancement, and we’ll be excited to create your ideal results…whether you’re interested in a slight glow-up before your next social event or are looking for a more significant, lasting form of rejuvenation. We pride ourselves on our ability to form lasting relationships with our patients and guide them on their empowering cosmetic journeys. When you’re ready to get started, reach out and set up your initial consultation with a helpful member of the Images Med Spa Team.

All images injectors:
  • Are licensed medical professionals
  • Complete our three-month injector program, balancing hands-on and didactic learning
  • Work with an aesthetic mentor
  • Undergo monthly training
  • Administer 1,500+ wrinkle relaxers annually on average
  • Have years of experience in the hospital before transitioning into aesthetics
  • Recommend treatments and products according to your specific goals

You have questions. We have answers. Frequently Asked Questions

How is the RHA Collection different from other filers?

RHA is formulated for resiliency, as its name implies. They’re specifically labeled as “resilient” hyaluronic acid fillers because they were created to enable you to enjoy a full range of facial movements after the product has been injected. You’ll enjoy longer-lasting, more naturalistic results.

Do you offer financing?

Images offers the services of Cherry Finance to our patients, and your practitioner will be happy to further discuss financing with you during your initial consultation.

What should I do after my treatment?

Depending on the specifics of your treatment plan, your injector may gently massage the treatment area after your injection session. This will help the RHA filler disperse evenly and help safeguard your naturalistic results. We’ll also provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, such as avoiding hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms, and vigorous exercise for at least 24 hours, that will help you safeguard your results.

Are RHA Fillers right for my skin type?

Our patients love the RHA collection because these fillers are ideal for all types of skin. We understand that every patient is different, and will be sure to work with you to craft a treatment plan that is tailored to your skin’s unique qualities.

How long will my results last?

Many patients are able to enjoy their RHA Filler results for as long as 15 to 19 months.

What type of dermal fillers are available at Images within the RHA Collection?

  • RHA Redensity™
  • RHA® 2 and RHA® 3
  • RHA® 4

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