When a woman reaches her 60s a lot of things begin to change. Especially when it comes to female estrogen hormones. Did you know around your 50s you only have one-tenth of estrogen than you previously had. Estrogen has a huge impact on how the women’s, body, and mind reacts to things. For instance collagen and oil production dramatically changes due to menopause. You might experience deeper wrinkles and way drier skin. The natural look of volume is not the same as it once was.

Skin sagging and dark sun spots start appearing. While this is a part of life we have treatments at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park that can help you feel good and confident if the signs of age have bummed you out. Read on to learn about our favorite treatments for someone in their 60s…


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Moxi Treatment

The Moxi is one of our favorite treatments at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park for multiple reasons. You can receive this treatment anytime in the year and where some treatments are best for particular seasons. The new laser is top notch technology that can provide amazing results just after one treatment. Moxi is especially beneficial for an uneven pigmentation, texture/tone, sun damage, and skin aging. We recommend this treatment for long-term results and as part of your skin routine. It’s important to keep up with the maintenance otherwise the results will not hold up to its full potential. This laser treatment is more aggressive than others and that’s why it brings quick beautiful results! Some might even compare this treatment to the Halo which is one of the highest quality skin resurfacing treatments in the beauty industry. The Moxi is a quick treatment and can take from 30-60mins. For most of us we don’t want to miss out on our social plans and this treatment has little no downtime! 


Restoring Volume

One of the best options for treatment sagging skin or hollow areas on the face is with fillers. Main areas that might lose its volume are in the lips, cheeks, under eye, and jawline. At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park we have a variety of fillers to choose from. But if you’re looking for more definition you will want a thicker filler. While this all depends on the person we love, Restylane Defyne and Juvederm Voluma for the cheek or jaw line area. Areas such as the under eye and lips will depend on what you’re looking for the end goal. We highly recommend setting up a complimentary consultation with one of our nurses. They will provide you with their best advice to achieve what you’re looking for! 

Botox & Dysport 

Neurotoxin injections are the best answer for temporarily treating signs of age such wrinkles. Wrinkles form as we get older and begin to deepen. You can basically treat any wrinkle if it is a concern to you. We often have patients who come in to treat their wrinkles on their face and also the horizontal neck wrinkles that often appear. Neck wrinkles tend to enlarge or even protrude as you get older. We get it this alone already sounds bad. But the neck muscles are connected to some of the facial muscles so the neck muscle can pull your facial features downward. One example is smile lines, these can begin to drop lower because the neck is pulling them down. Your answer to treat this concern once again is Botox or Dysport! 



If you have skin sagging and nothing seems to help you might want to consider our SkinTight treatment at Images Med Spa. If you have loose skin in your face, arms, belly this treatment can tighten the skin back up. We love this treatment, it’s non-invasive and you don’t have to go under which is the best part. After just one treatment you’ll notice immediate results. But depending on the patient it might be recommended to do more than one treatment. Instead of days of recovering you might want to give it one day of recovery before your back to your regular routine. You’ll notice tighter, firmer, and slimmer contour in your concerned area. 

Consultation & Same Day Treatment

At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park, we offer a complimentary skin consultation where our providers will do a deep analysis of your skin and come up with the best treatment plan. Not all skin is the same and self-treating can be a frustrating process with no long-term results. At Images Med Spa we are all about having a plan before diving into your options. We aim for the best results and some plans will require more effort. Everything adds up when it comes to staying on top of the concerns of your skin. Receiving all the recommended treatments while taking care of the skin with medical-grade products will give you the best results. You will also be thanking yourself later in life when the skin concerns become deep and require more attention. 


Book your appointment today at our Lincoln Park office with one of our amazing estheticians. We want to be part of your skin journey and it is never too late to begin! 


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