The 30s seem to sneak up on you quicker than you think. All of a sudden you’re no longer in your 20s and your skin is changing significantly. Do you look more tired? Have you noticed more wrinkles, hyperpigmentation from sun damage, thinner skin, and maybe overall a duller complexion? We get it!

The changes might seem scary… But you’re in luck because it is not too late. At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park our team of estheticians and injectors can reverse these signs of age. Book your consultation today and read on about all our go-to treatments to get in your 30s…


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The Moxi is one of our favorite treatments at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park for multiple reasons. You can receive this treatment anytime in the year and where as some treatments are best for particular seasons. The new laser is top notch technology that can provide amazing results just after one treatment. Some might even compare this treatment to the Halo. The Moxi is a quick treatment and can take from 30-60mins. For most of us we don’t want to miss out on our social plans and this treatment has little no downtime! So don’t worry you won’t have to experience any FOMO. Another reason we love this treatment is because it is for everyone and treats multiple skin concerns! But Moxi is especially beneficial for an uneven pigmentation, texture/tone, sun damage, and skin aging. We recommend this treatment for long-term results and as part of your skin routine. It’s important to keep up with the maintenance otherwise the results will not hold up to it’s full potential. This laser treatment is more aggressive than others and that’s why it brings quick beautiful results! 



At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park, botox is one of our top treatments. Nobody really wants to admit they’re getting botox. But if you’ve noticed a significant improvement in one of your closest friend’s skin the answer is without a doubt botox! Don’t believe anyone that says there is  magical retinol to completely remove those wrinkles. Because if that was the case we would all be using it! Botox is an FDA approved treatment that many people are getting regularly. The best part about Botox is that we can get you in and out in no time. There is no need to recover so you can get back to your regular life minus holding off on your workout till the next day. So no need to reschedule your plans and within just 3-7 days you can show off your newly smooth skin. Botox can last up to 6 months but this depends on the person. Although other factors come into play depending on your age and how deep the wrinkles are this might require more maintenance. Another benefit of botox is that it truly is a preventative measure that you’re taking. We get so many questions on this one but getting botox can prevent new wrinkles from forming. The reason is that Botox treats the muscle under the skin and blocks the body from reacting and contracting these face muscles. Since botox stops the contraction it is preventing any future wrinkles from contracting and stopping those present wrinkles from deepening. 


It’s true after the age of 25 we slowly stop producing as much collagen as we use to. Collagen is a protein that is found in the body it’s the glue that holds your skin together and makes you look youthful. When the production of collagen slow down you will begin to notice those horrible under eye circles, fine lines, sagging skin, and the list just goes on. At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park we make microneedling a monthly part of our skincare routines. Microneedling stimulate collagen, improves textured skin, reduces scars, hyperpigmentation, and signs of age. This procedure uses micro (tiny) needles that glide over the skin to repair it’s surface. This might seem intimidating but it’s not as bad as it sounds. It is a tad bit uncomfortable, but TOTALLY worth it! You can also have the chose of using numbing cream if you’re still not convinced. This treatment is quick and done in under 30-45mins. Your skin might be a bit red post treatment, but the real results will show up in just a few days! 


Fillers are without doubt one of our favorite treatments at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park. We get many questions when comes to fillers because this is one of our client’s favorite treatments as well. Fillers are used to plump areas of the skin while reducing fine lines and boosting collagen production. You can get fillers where ever you’re looking to plump the skin. We all lack areas on our faces that don’t have the amount of volume we desire. Especially as we begin to age the skin sags due to the loss of collagen. Collagen production is crucial to having youthful glowing skin and unfortunately, after the age of 25 that production slows down. Collagen can be thought of as the glue that holds everything together and as that production slows down the face will no longer hold the same structure it once did. Some common places to get fillers in the lips, cheeks, and under the eye. There are many different fillers out there and two of the most popular ones are Juvederm and Restylane. The two products are made into a hyaluronic acid gel substance and are injected into the skin to create a plumper firm area. Fillers are temporary and only typically last between 6-9 months. 


It is not too late to reverse all those signs of age! At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park our providers can set you up with the right plan for your particular concerns. Call today and set up your complimentary consultation! 



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