There was once a time when we all secretly knew the power of Botox but never would speak about it. Now Botox is a regular conversation that we are all having with all our friends, families, coworkers you name it. At this point we all know that Botox is like magic when treating signs of age such as wrinkles or fine lines. But what most people don’t know is that Botox can do a whole lot more than treating wrinkles and fine lines.

At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park we want to expand your knowledge and blow your minds as we let you in on all the uncommon things Botox can also do for you. Read on… 


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Control Acne 

Um… Yes we said it. Botox can control or lessen acne! For some of us our acne stems from too much oil produced. Excess oil can be the cause of a breakout. Botox can actually lessen the amount of oil produced. While Botox is not the answer to solving all acne concerns it could definitely be beneficial. One of the main areas clients tend to notice a difference is a smooth forehead. If acne is your main concern then we would recommend seeing one of our estheticians at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park before treating it with Botox. 


Botox for Migraines

Do you struggle with severe headaches or migraines? Chronic migraines are the worst and nobody should have to deal with this ongoing issue. In 2010 Botox was approved for adults with chronic migraines. The neurotoxin is made by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. It temporarily paralyzes your muscles and this stops the movement from the muscles contracting which causes wrinkles. Many people who have chronic migraines or headaches have used Botox for this reason and noticed a significant difference. It might not take them away altogether but it could cut down the total number of days that you have them. If you’re someone who does deal with these painful headaches you should consider Botox as a treatment option. 


Temporomandibular joint disorder is when a hinge-like joint connects to the skull and jaw. This can occur for multiple reasons such as grinding your teeth at night. TMJ can become very painful in the jaw and muscle around it. For many people this condition might go unnoticed for sometime. But if you think about it you might realize that all day long your clenching jaw and feel tense. The last answer you might expect to treat this is Botox. Botox injected into the masseter jaw muscle essentially works by immobilizing those muscles that cause TMJ. This will softens that area and relaxes that tensed jaw causing pain making it difficult to speak, chew or swallow. 


Lip Flip 

Fillers are not for everyone but if you’ve always dreamed of a lip lift Botox can do just that. The way that this treatment works at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park is that one of our nurses will inject a small amount of units into the top of the upper lip. Within 10-14 days you will see the upper lip begin to lift up. Creating the illusion of fuller and beautiful lips! This is a subtle but great option for those that don’t want fillers. 

Youthful Neck 

Have you ever heard of the term “Botox Necklace”? As we begin to age some of us will experience horizontal wrinkles that wrap around the neck. Neck wrinkles tend to enlarge or even protrude as you get older. We get it this alone already sounds bad. But the neck muscles are connected to some of the facial muscles so the neck muscle can pull your facial features downward. One example is smile lines, these can begin to drop lower because the neck is pulling them down. Your answer to treat this concern once again is Botox! 


Underarm Sweating 

Surprisingly a common yet popular treatment is underarm Botox. If you’re a sweater and you’ve tried everything then you should see if you’re a good candidate for this treatment. We get it that not every special deodorant will cure excessive sweating. The same way Botox relaxes the muscles from contracting it can also signal the sweat glands. If the gland does not receive the message then sweating will not occur. This treatment can be life changing if excessive sweating stresses you out and then causes you to sweat more. It also can be injected in other areas that produce clinical sweat. 


Set up your complimentary consultation with one of our amazing nurses here at Images Med Spa in Lincoln. Botox is great for treating wrinkles but can do so much more if you have other concerns and have not considered Botox for! 


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