With every new year comes new trends and upgrading your beauty cabinet is a must! Most of us are all ready to leave 2020 behind us and bring in all the great things 2021 has in store.



At Images Med Spa in Mokena, we want to put some beauty and skincare secrets on your radar so you’re ready to achieve the best complexion yet. If you want to leave dull skin in 2020 and are ready to talk about beauty while revamping your skincare regimen, you’ve come to the right place. Book a consultation with one of our skin experts who can take your skin to the next level.

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First off if you’re obsessed with skincare like us you may already be using a retinol. But if you’re not this is one of the best skincare hacks to address signs of age and skin texture. Retinols main ingredient is vitamin A and it works on the surface of the skin to regulate cell turnover. It improves the productions of collagen and elastin which keeps the skin looking young. The strength of retinol will also treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. While it’s still important that you pick the right retinol to get the job done. We highly recommend looking into medical-grade products because they contain the purest of ingredients and are tested by dermatologists. While medical-grade skincare products can only be prescribed by a skin expert you should have one of our estheticians check out your skin and set you up with the right product. 

Glycolic Acid Serum 

A good serum can completely transform your whole skin regimen. In 2021 the word is out that glycolic acid serums can battle acne, wrinkles, and dark spots. Glycolic Acid works close to a chemical peel because of its chemicals. It dissolves the bonds between the skin cells and allows it to shed. The shedding of cells removes dead skin cells and impurities that lay on the top of the skin’s surface. This allows the skin to reveal a smoother and clearer complexion that lies underneath those layers. Our go-to Glycolic Acid Serums would be “Image Ageless Anti Aging Serum”. This corrective and protective serum is rich in plant-derived stem cells. The combination of glycolic, phytonutrients and vitamin C all work together to fight those signs of age, nourish the skin and protect from future damage. 


Face Masks 

There are so many benefits that come from using a face mask at least three times a week. Besides the fact that they relaxing, they are also exactly what the skin needs after everything we through in 2020. This is the ultimate way for a deep cleanse to the skin and even on top of your regular skincare routine, this will take your skin to the next level. A good medical grade mask can draw out impurities that lie beneath the top layer of the skin. It is the perfect detox for your skin and brings it the hydration that it might be lacking. When dead skin cells accumulate on the skin this clogs the pores and can lead to acne or early signs of age. Regular face mask use will keep the skin surface clean and the pores unclogged. At Images Med Spa in Mokena, our goal for 2021 is for the glowest skin yet. We’ve been using a medical-grade mask weekly because this stimulates blood circulation which is key to improving your skin’s complexion. The “Epionce Enriched Firming Mask” is expertly formulated and contains all the natural botanical ingredients. Which is the perfect blend of soothing and strength! 


Skin Care Fridge

Did you know by storing your skincare products in a fridge this can actually benefit your skin? Chilled products will be beneficial in tighten and firming up the skin while also reducing the appearance of dark undereyes or puffiness. Some of these products that are best to store in a fridge is vitamin C, eye creams, toners, masks, face mists and rollers. Most of these products you will notice and instant difference especially to duller or sun damaged skin. While owning a cute fridge for all your skincare sounds like a nice set up its not necessary. While some products may advise you to only store at room temperature other products might last longer if stored away in a colder environment. It also is a great way to keep your skincare routine organized! 

Fragrance – Free Skin Care

While most of us when we think of fragrances we think pretty perfumes and colognes. The problem is there is alot of fragrances in many beauty supplies and this can cause many sensitivities. Like the shampoo and conditioner you wash your hair with? This could be the cause of a dry scalp and dandruff. The skin always tend to react badly to any sort of fragrances in beauty products. Chemical components in a fragrance whether its natural or synthetic raise a allergic response. Fragrance-free products does not mean it will have no scent it just not have any added scents to it that can cause a negative reaction to the skin. Some products that you may buy at sephora or drugstore are misleading and containing all these beautiful scents. The problem with this is often times if a product is strong is smell its covering the scent of unnatural chemicals that really shouldn’t be applied to the skin. At Images Med Spa we swear by clean ingredients and always recommend using medical-grade products since they have been tested by doctors. Sensitive, acne-prone and dry skin are all affected by masked products with fragrances. All of these results could lead to dryer skin, acne, rashes, hives and itchiness. Double checking your labels is a must before purchasing a product unless get it from a trusted professional. All of our favorite trusted brands that we recommend at Images Med Spa is Alastin Skincare, Epionce, Image Skincare and Neocutis. 


If you’re ready to switch up your skincare routine and talk beauty then you’ve come to the right place! Book your consultation today at Images Med Spa in Mokena 708.435.2266!



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