Goodbye cold weather, hello sunshine🌞. The winter blues are over and all of us are starting to enjoy the warm weather by getting outside. With the summer comes tan, glowy skin and humidity. Every season affects the skin differently. While in the winter months tend to leave the skin feeling dry and irritated.

The warm season has the skin feel hydrated and for some of us your complexion might be on the oily side. This is a great time to get your skin in check. At Images Med Spa in Hinsdale we want to help you with a smooth transition into a new season. If you don’t prep the skin it might react negatively to the changes. Read on as we dive deeper into skincare, treatment, and more…


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Transitioning Your Skincare Routine

One of the most important things about seasonal changes is taking care of your skin and skincare routine. As we mentioned above the skin is very different in the winter and summer months. It is impossible to have the same skincare routine in the winter and in the summer. It’s usually the early months when the seasons change that you will notice these drastic changes in the skin. It might sound impossible to have glowy skin throughout the year. But if you can get a handle on your skin early on during the transition you might be able prevent the skin from changing with the different climates. The main changes with the skin can come from exposure to the sun, air conditioning, below zero weather, heating or pollution you might want to consider all of the above before figuring out what would be the best skincare routine for you. The skin has to adapt to these external barriers. For instances going from the cold outdoors to a heated environment it overall disrupts the skin’s surface. So the same way you switch out your winter jackets for your spring clothes you might also want to consider swapping out your skincare routine. 

Ditch The Heavy Moisturizer

In the winter the skin requires more attention to keeping it from drying out. You might have invested in medical-grade creams, heavy moisturizers, or oils to beat dry skin during the colder months. While moisturizing the skin during any season is important to keep it hydrated and prevent early signs of age. Using the right type of moisturizer for each season is key. During the spring and summer months, our skin tends to lock in more water and moisture so the extra need for protection isn’t necessary. We highly recommend a hyaluronic acid or water-based formula because this will ensure the most moisture. One of our go-to medical-grade moisturizers would be Epionce “Renewal Lotion”. This is a light moisturizer containing antioxidants and botanicals. All of which is the perfect blend to bring the skin back to life if you found it to be duller in the winter.


Achieving Glowing Skin

Our goal for the spring and summer months is to achieve glowing skin. While it might take some time for the skin to adjust to the change in weather and skin care products. One of the best products to add-in for glowing skin and preventing sun damage is a Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin c is the perfect antioxidant to nourish and hydrate the skin during warm weather. Images Skincare “Vital C Anti-Aging Serum” is the MVP of medical-grade serums out there. We love how refreshing it feels on the skin after immediately applying. Sun exposure is one of the biggest factors when it comes to signs of age. The Vital-C serum can prevent signs of age and it overall evens out the complexion of the skin. If you’re ready to brighten up the skin this product is the secret weapon.

Sunscreen Everyday!

Applying SPF every day for your morning routine is one of the easiest and effective ways to protect your skin. Bare skin exposed to the sunlight can not only cause sun damage but increase your risk of skin cancer. The truth is it doesn’t matter the season or weather conditions, sunscreen should be applied on a daily basis. When you’re outside you’re constantly being exposed to UV radiation. UV rays can even be penetrated through a window indoors and through the clouds. Did you know that during the winter months when it snows this can double the ultraviolet rays that soak into your skin? Sun damage can cause early signs of age, wrinkles, sunspots, and acne. The best time to apply sunscreen is at the end of your skincare routine after applying a moisturizer. This will lock in all your other products and provide the layer of protection that you’ll thank yourself later in life. We can not get enough of the Glo Skincare “Tinted SPF Moisturizer SPF 30+”. This can be worn with make-up but looks good alone too because it gives that perfect finish and glow! 


Hydrafacial Skin Treatment 

Now when it comes to facials, Hydrafacials are the best treatment for any who is new to facials and professional skin care treatments. The nice part about this treatment is that it is pain free and even relaxing compared to other treatments. It will leave your skin glowing so it is perfect for anyone getting ready for a big event or just for routine skincare maintenance. It’s main focus is hydration (duh) which is key for any skin type, so everyone can benefit from the treatment. And the best part is, it’s completely customizable for your skin. After your esthetician thoroughly examines your skin she’ll determine which serum is best for you and infuse it into your skin while the Hydrafacial device vacuums the impurities out of your skin. This is the way to prep your skin for the summer months! 


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