If you’re looking for that one product that will keep your skin looking fresh, wrinkle-free, healthy, and youthful then you’ve come to the right place. At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park we have one simple step for you to take advantage of and it will keep your skin looking fresh year around!

We all wish for the perfect routine for our skin that will solve all of our concerns. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to the skin because we all have different skin types, concerns, and products. Especially with the change of seasons this has a huge impact on the condition of your skin. But one product that you near year round is SPF and this will make a huge impact on your skin and overall skin care routine. Read on to learn more about why you need SPF everyday…


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Why You Should Wear SPF Everyday

We get it you might be working from inside all day or during the winter you think your skin is not being exposed to the sun as much as in the summer. You would be surprised that your skin can get just as much UV exposure from the indoors and during the winter than in the summer! Did you know that the sun in july is further from earth than in january? The reason for the temperature drop is all due to the tilt of the earth. So really even though it’s cold out the northern hemisphere is just tilted away from the sun but the earth itself is closer to the sun. This is one of the reasons the skin gets more exposure through clouds and in the winter seasons. Most of us are sitting in front of a screen all day and this UVB exposure from fluorescent and halogen lighting releases low levels of UVA light and this can be just as harmful as sun exposure. Studies show that this lighting can cause early signs of aging. By simply adding in SPF into your skin routine you’re preventing future damage. 


Missing Out On SPF

Daily wear of SPF is one of the healthiest habits you can do for your skin. When buying a good SPF you should look out for SPF 30+ this will provide the best protection. At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park we love our medical grade products because of the quality ingredients. They are all approved by dermatologists and contain only pure products. One fan favorite SPF is the “Glo Skin Beauty Moisturizing Tinted SPF 30+”. This one can be replaced with your foundation or face make up because it provides a perfect smooth and glowy after finish. Daily wear of SPF can prevent multiple things such as a sunburn, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and skin cancer. There are millions of skin cancer cases every year and this the number one preventable measures to take. We’re not done here yet… if you’re already applying SPF daily it’s important that you apply it during the right step in your skincare routine. If you’re not applying it at the very end of your skin regimen then you might be losing out on its protection. 


Reapplying Throughout The Day 

The truth is one layer for the whole day will not do much in terms of protecting your skin. After a full day of activities most of the sunscreen has worn off and requires applications throughout the day. If you’re out in the sun, sweating, or just enjoying your day out your  SPF will only be effective for so long. Not all sunscreens are water resistant. Most sunscreens will only remain effective between 40-80 minutes. It might be a good idea to have a second bottle in your purse on the go. It is recommended that you reapply SPF every 2 hours. If you want to keep your skin beautiful and youthful!


SPF Expires??

While we are not all religiously wearing SPF on a daily basis we might only pull it out during the summer. Sorry to inform you but SPF does not last for years. So you can’t expect to bring out the SPF every few months and have it providing the best protection. Make sure you check the expiration date before applying so you don’t put your skin at risk. Most products you can tell by the texture, color, and odor if it’s no longer good to use. 

Treatments For Sun Damage 

The Moxi is one of our favorite treatments at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park for multiple reasons. You can receive this treatment anytime in the year and where some treatments are best for particular seasons. The new laser is top notch technology that can provide amazing results just after one treatment. Some might even compare this treatment to the Halo. The Moxi is a quick treatment and can take from 30-60mins. For most of us we don’t want to miss out on our social plans and this treatment has little no downtime! So don’t worry you won’t have to experience any FOMO. Another reason we love this treatment is because it is for everyone and treats multiple skin concerns! But Moxi is especially beneficial for an uneven pigmentation, texture/tone, sun damage, and skin aging. We recommend this treatment for long-term results and as part of your skin routine. It’s important to keep up with the maintenance otherwise the results will not hold up to its full potential. This laser treatment is more aggressive than others and that’s why it brings quick beautiful results! 


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