Regular exercise can do amazing things for your health, body, mood, energy, and skin if you make it part of your daily routine. Exercising can make the skin fresh, glowy and healthy… but this does not apply to everyone if you’re not properly taking care of it with the right skincare products, pre and post workout skincare routine.

If you have sensitive or acne prone skin then you will want to pay extra close attention to how the skin reacts. This would be a good time to see one of our estheticians at Images Med Spa in Mokena. If your skin is not the sensitive type or acne prone we have a few options for you to consider when taking care of it properly so it does not lead to any future concerns. Read on as we dive deeper into taking care of your skin with a regular exercise routine…


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Working Out is Literally Good For Everything!

Getting to the gym can be difficult for some of us. But it seems like that’s the hardest part because once you made it you can grind out that workout however you like. Then leaving the gym is the best part of that powerful effect it has on your mind and body. Besides working on your personal fitness goals. The gym benefits so many other things. As we always say that the mind, body, and skin is all connected as one. If you’re overly stressed this might affect your skin or even body if you don’t learn to manage it. One way to manage stress is by working out regularly. It allows you to work on yourself and aside all your worries. Even just exercising 30 minutes a day this can improve your overall mood. Working out causes your body to produce endorphins. If you’re dealing with depression or anxiety exercising might be an option for you to boost your mood and mental health. We all have days where our minds feel foggy… Studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise can improve brain function. While exercising can improve many other things for many different people one of the best parts is it can actually improve the health of your skin. Regular movement that increases your heart rate can improve blood circulation which can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Exercising promotes collagen productions and overall healthier skin. For anti-aging reasons this is a good reason to add it into your routine. Exercising can also clear pores and encourage new skin cells. We always say when it doubt sweat it out. 

Pre-Workout Skin Routine 

There are a few steps you will want to take before hitting the gym because it will allow you to keep your skin in prime condition prior to working out. First things first before going to the gym you will want to go with a fresh surface. This means if you can, don’t wear makeup to the gym. Besides the fact that your makeup will most likely run if you’re sweating it could potentially go into your pores since they open up when we sweat. You won’t want to go to the gym with a heavy moisturizer because this can potentially affect the sweating process and lock in all the impurities. The gym is obviously not the cleanest place so the most important thing is that you don’t touch your face when working out. Touching your face can spread those germs around the gym onto your skin and this could lead to deeper skin concerns. Of course we don’t all workout in the gym. If you take your workout outdoors you will want to make sure you’re always applying SPF. Some gyms provide a towel but we don’t recommend using it to wipe on your face and instead bringing in your own towel. Especially if you’re going to be sweating a lot this will keep sweat out of your eyes and off your face. 


Post-Workout Skin Routine 

Your post skincare routine is the most important of them all. If you come home from the gym just to sit around and don’t hit the shower immediately this could lead to serious skin concerns. The number one rule to having healthy skin and exercising is keeping it clean as best as you can. During a workout sweat, bacteria, and oil can accumulate. Once you’ve cleansed your face and body in the shower applying the right skincare products will depend on when you’re washing your face. If your workout is in the morning or evening you will want to stick to your regular skincare products for those routines. If your workout is not the same time as your usual skincare routine you will want to wash with your regular cleanser, moisturizer, toner and SPF. One of our go-to toners is the Epionce “Purifying Toner”. All of the ingredients are pure botanicals which is one of our favorite parts about it. Botanicals can control irritated skin and reduce shine. It’s perfect for a skincare gym routine because it removes traces of dirt, oil, and makeup. 

While there is not a one-size fits all when it comes to skin and picking the right skin care products. At Images Med Spa in Mokena we always recommend seeing one of our estheticians before self treating your skin. Our complimentary skin consultations will set you up with success for your skin journey. One of our amazing estheticians will do a deep analysis of your skin to figure out which products will work best for your skin type. Book your appointment today at 708-435-2266. 


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