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“I feel like CoolSculpting has removed my stubborn fat and uncovered all the hard work I was putting in at the gym. At one point, I had given all hope and accepted I would never have a flat stomach. Now, I feel stronger and more confident than ever.”


CoolSculpting is a fat freezing treatment that kills fat cells for good. It is non-invasive and reduces up to 25% of those excess fat cells. It can help sculpt, contour, reshape, resize and debulk parts of your body that don’t care how many hours you put in the gym or how well you eat. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Meet Ali. A young professional in her mid 30’s who enjoys living an active life in the city of Chicago. Working out 4 times a week and eating very clean during the weekdays, Ali noticed that her body was not responding to the tough workouts and meal plans after she turned 30. While she remained fit, no matter how many sit-ups, HIIT classes or salads she ate, she always looked in the mirror feeling insecure about her stomach area. 

Ali decided to try CoolSculpting and treat her stubborn fat around her abdomen area. Body Specialist, Lacey Hoofman at Deer Park, assessed and recommended treating her lower abdomen and upper stomach to achieve a flatter stomach. It takes TWO visits to see results, so the total number of cycles Ali got was 8.


One visit includes:

  • 2 large applicators for the lower abdomen
  • 2 small applicators for the upper abdomen

Here is Ali’s results after just 2 treatments of CoolSculpting… 





It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how hard you workout and implement healthy eating. Some areas of fat can just become exercise-resistant. Especially as we age.. those fat cells accumulate overtime and they can’t be reduced they can only shrink in size which has a big impact on where you will lose fat. Like in Ali’s case she is very active and lives a healthy life. But she noticed after turning 30 that her goals of a flatter stomach seemed impossible. She did research and came across CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting offers a wide range of applicator sizes that allows us to address the areas that are most frustrating to you (large or small). This fat freezing treatment can address even larger and the smallest pockets of fat. 



If you’re ready to reach your goals this year and feel confident and comfortable in your body again, take back your control. Stay tuned for our next blog on Body by Images.

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