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Looking to achieve a clear and even complexion? You’re going to love our Photofacial treatment! This all-in-one treatment addresses everything from pigmentation, facial redness, rosacea, sun damage, and more. Read more to learn all about Photofacial benefits.


It’s time to reset your skin and give it the ultimate rejuvenation! The Photofacial combines light and heat to destroy unwanted, damaged skin cells. This repairs and improves aging skin, broken capillaries, rosacea, large pores, texture, and sun damage. New and healthy skin cells will rejuvenate, giving your skin a more even tone, boosting collagen, and giving you a glow that’s been missing.



Don’t give up on your rosacea just yet. There are ways to control it and lessen the symptoms with the right medical-grade products and a recommended amount of Photofacial treatments. This treatment works by repairing those broken blood vessels with the broadband light by raising the skin cells temperatures. This will even out your skin tone for a clearer complexion. 



Did you know facial redness is one of the most common skin concerns? You’re not alone and it’s time we treat it. A top Photofacial benefit is improving facial redness and rosacea. This redness appears on the skin when blood vessels become damaged. The great part about the Photofacial is that the intense pulsed light  is attracted to brown and red pigment. The light increases the healing process by raising skin cell temperatures and repairing these broken blood vessels.



Another Photofacial benefit is that they target sun damage and brown spots. The treatment combines light and heat together to absorb into skin and destroy those damaged skin cells and replace them with a healthy and clearer version. Your skin will be left with a brighter and more even complexion. 



Our number one goal at Images is to guide you along your skin journey, while feeling comfortable and at ease. The best way to describe how a Photofacial treatment feels is by comparing it to a sunburn plus a light snapping sensation on the skin. It’s one of our quicker treatments which makes it more tolerable and so worth it. To ease any discomfort we have stress balls, fans, and of course a hand to hold.



We’re excited to have you at Image Med Spa and begin your skin journey! You’re going to love your results from the Photofacial treatment. Read more about Photofacials on our treatment page. We can’t wait to see you at the spa!


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