At Images Med Spa in Wheaton, we have all the beauty and skincare hacks to change your life while also simplifying your beauty routines. When it comes to makeup and skincare it can totally be overwhelming.

We get it, walking into Sephora just to find a good mascara is a lot because there are hundreds of brands and products to choose from. Overcomplicating your routine is not the answer! Finding those solid hacks that work for you will save you time and money. Read on to learn more about all our tricks and tips for beauty and skincare.


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Perfect The Wing Eyeliner Look

We love the wing eyeliner look but for most of us a steady hand while getting that perfect line is nearly impossible. Plus on top of that getting an even eyeliner look is an even bigger struggle. Eyeliner can make your makeup routine go from 15 mins to 45 mins. We’ve tried out this amazing hack that can make applying eyeliner super simple. Your answer is scotch tape people! Yes, we’ve been applying a piece of tape to the corner of our eyes and then following the tape line to create that perfect wing. It might sound silly but once you try it you’ll never go back. Wing eyeliner is a beautiful bold look that you can make part of your daily routine even if you’re in a hurry to get ready. Here are some fan-favorite liquid eyeliners. Stila Liquid Eyeliner, L’Oreal Infallible Liquid Liner, Fenty Beauty Flyliner Liquid Eyeliner, and NYC Liquid Eyeliner. 

Go-To Drugstore Mascara 

Once we found out about this gem mascara from the drugstore we stopped using any other mascaras out there!  L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara is about to be your new best friend. Makeup goes bad so quickly and especially mascara. Sadly mascara dries out so quickly it might not even be worth spending a lot on it if it won’t last more than a few months. We’ve always wanted to find a bargain mascara that was truly worth it and this is it! Our favorite part about this mascara is the small brush you use to layer on the mascara. We find that a smaller brush makes it easier to separate each individual lash. Also, a smaller brush is easier to apply to the lower lashes. It gives your eyelashes the perfect amount of volume! You can find it at any nearby drugstore. Don’t miss out on this find! 


Fascia Blast 

The truth is that 99% of women have cellulite and it is nothing to be ashamed of. But most of us are not a fan of showing it off. We found an all-natural way to improve cellulite, circulation, and muscle soreness. You’re probably wondering by now what is Fascia? And what does Fascia Blasting actually do? Fascia is the fibrous connective tissue that contains collagen and it also protects organs and muscles. It supports your musculoskeletal system and allows you to do your daily activities such as walking, working, and working out. It is crazy but if your fascia is not functioning properly this can cause cellulite on the exterior of your body. It is a way of your body responding and saying your blood flow to muscles has weakened. Before using a fascia blaster you will want to warm up your body and muscles. You can do this by taking a hot shower. You will then want to apply a lotion or oil to the area that you’re looking to treat with the fascia blaster. Then gently rub the spiky rod (fascia blaster) up and down and side to side on your body for 3 minutes. After you’re done you will want to stay hydrated and massage the areas gently. If you have ever foamed rolled at the gym this feeling is slightly similar. It will be tender at first but it will release a ton of tension. You do not need to apply too much pressure you could end up with some nasty bruises. But after 3 sessions you will notice that your cellulite has lessened. On top of that, you will feel loose, flexible, and mobile. We can admit that it is not the most comfortable feeling fascia blasting but the results are totally worth it. If there is no pain there is no gain! You can find a good fascia blaster at online stores. 


Dry Brushing 

At Images Med Spa in Wheaton dry brushing is a must in our routines. If you really think about it you brush so many things besides your body. You brush your teeth, hair, brows, and beard. So why don’t we dry brush our bodies weekly? It is an exfoliation for your entire body. Think about all the dead dry skin that layers up on your skin. Even if you’re applying lotion that is a temporary solution for smooth soft skin. But dry brushing is for long-term SOFT skin! On top of that, it stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The best time to dry brush is while you’re in the shower and the skin is gentle so you do not need to brush hard. That can irritate the skin making it red or scratched. Light circular motions on the body are all you need. Avoid the face and be careful on the chest area. After you will want to follow up your shower with a moisturizer. You will thank us later because you will have the silkiest soft skin ever! 


Make That Lipstick Last

While this makeup trick seems small it actually provides a significant difference in how long you want your lipstick to last. The first step is to apply your lipstick as normal. The second step is to apply a tissue on top of your lipstick and lips. The last step is to apply your setting powder on top of the tissue. Let the setting powder and tissue sit on your lips for a few seconds and then remove. Ta-da! You can expect your lipstick to last hours longer than it normally would. 

Secrets To Perfect Hair

Have you ever noticed celebrities rocking that perfect ponytail and their hair looks flawless. Even when they wear it down it looks thick and luxurious. We’re often wondering why can’t our hair look like that every day? We found out the answers that will change your life! We truly believe that someone looks way so much more put together when their hair is styled. Step one for perfect hair or perfect ponytail the answer is filling in the hairlines with an eyeshadow that matches your hair color. This will make your hair look more full and cover it up if it looks greasy as well. Step two is investing in the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush. We are not kidding when we say this blow dryer brush will solve all your hair problems. Styling your hair can be the longest process and it’s not ideal if you don’t have a ton of time to spare. This blow dryer brush will make your life so much easier because it’s quick and easy to use. This is one of the trendiest hair products out there right now.  You can find it at Ulta or Amazon!

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