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“I don’t know why I didn’t get Laser Hair Removal Sooner” – said by anyone who has ever been treated with Laser Hair Removal. This treatment really is the holy grail of all treatments. Nothing compares to not having to shave every other day and having perfectly smooth skin. It completely removes the stress of shaving and gets rid of razor bumps and ingrown hairs once and for all.


Laser Hair Removal is unmatched to waxing and other hair removal options out there. This treatment reduces up to 80-90% of the hair follicle. The intense pulsing light is highly concentrated and targets even the smallest of hair follicles. The dark pigment from the hair follicle is absorbed by the light and destroyed completely. Within a course of 3 weeks after getting your first treatment the hair begins to fall out. We recommend getting a minimum of 6 laser hair removal treatments in a 4-8 week interval. With 9 appointments you will reach even better and longer lasting results. 



Prior to your appointment you will want to avoid any plucking or waxing in the areas that are being treated. If you were to wax or pluck you are removing the hair follicle fully from the pore which will work against the job of the laser. What you will want to do prior to your appointment is be fully shaved. If the hair is too long you could risk burning your skin, while we wouldn’t allow this it’s best to come prepared for your treatment! Avoiding the sun a week before your appointment will also prevent any damage to the skin such as burning.






After your first Laser Hair Removal session the skin could be a bit tender or irritated for about 24 to 48 hours after. It’s important to avoid sweating, hot showers and saunas as the skin heals. 


1st Treatment: Most noticeable results. The heat from the laser shocks the hair follicle and this weakens it. Within 5-19 days the hair will begin to thin out and become patchy. 

2nd Treatment: Greater results are seen from the second treatment because the follicles are now thinner and more hairs will begin to fall out from new areas. 

3rd Treatment: Hair growth is now starting to slow down and if it seems like you reached the best part wait till you get to treatment 6. 


As you continue with your hair removal series results become even better and you will notice 80-90% of the hair is now gone.

Ready to finally skip the stress of a weekly shaving routine and get rid of coarse hair once in for all? The stubble-free and bump-free life is worth it to so many who are constantly shaving due to dark hair tones and quick hair growth. The Laser technology is an aggressive approach to removing hair for long-term results. With 90% hair reduction it definitely sounds worth it for us for silky smoother skin!


If you’re ready to reach your goals this year and feel confident and comfortable in your body again, take back your control. Stay tuned for our next blog on Body by Images.

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