Fall may just be one of our favorite seasons! Who doesn’t love the colorful leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and the holidays? There are so many reasons to love it! With the weather changing this means it’s time to transition the skin from summer to fall…


There are a lot of transitions as we go from summer to fall. But the most obvious one is the change in the weather. The humidity drops and it starts to cool off quickly. The weather makes a huge impact on our skin. In the summer our skin locks in more hydration from the humidity and in the colder months it dries out. Our best advice at Images Med Spa in Hinsdale is to change up your skin regimen as soon as we jump into fall. You wouldn’t want to be using the same skincare products year round because of how the skin reacts to the weather. Read on to learn more about transitioning your skincare into the fall.


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Skin In The Fall 

With the change of weather comes coats and dry skin. The humidity drops and so does the moisture in the air which is what tends to make the skin more glowy in the summer. We go from outside in the cold and straight into the indoors where the heat is blasting. This almost makes it impossible for the skin to stay hydrated because it’s such a drastic change on the skin’s protective barrier. It seems everyone experiences the dry, flaky and red skin even if you tend to have an oily complexion. Some of the more serious conditions people experience is eczema or rosacea. What really goes on when the skin enters the cold is the blood vessels are constricted in order to conserve the heat and then this causes the outer layer of the skin to dry out. At Images Med Spa in Hinsdale we are tired of dull skin that is brought on from the fall so we decided to get to the bottom of it and provide you with all our best tips to prevent these skin concerns.

Lifesaver For Your Skin 

The number one best way to add moisture into the skin is by adding moisture into the air. Investing in a humidifier is such a life saver. Especially sleeping with one makes sleeping conditions better for you but also your skin. During the night the skin is doing deep restoring and it’s the only time the skin finally gets to breathe. You can find a humidifier anywhere, amazon, walgreens, target etc. Oftentimes the air in our homes become dry during the winter especially to cranking up the heat. This might cause eye irritation, dry skin, nosebleeds and nasal congestions. This can be the worst walking up in a dry environment and already putting you into a crappy mood. Moisture brought into the air improves the air quality. In order to feel good we must be getting in the right amount of water for the skin and proper function. Most times if you’re not hydrated or living in a dry environment you can tell from chapped lips or irritated eyes. In addition to preparing your home for the cold seasons you should be sure that heat is only on low to moderate temperatures. This preventative measure will ensure that there is not extra dryness in your home.

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Key Skincare Steps

Hopefully you’re at least moisturizing the skin during this time. But sometimes it doesn’t matter how glowy the skin looks after washing the face and applying all your products. Nothing seems to be working. At Images Med Spa in Hinsdale we want you to know the importance of understanding how your skincare routine should change with the different seasons. During the fall it’s important to make sure you’ve added in a gentle exfoliation into the skin regimen. We say this because the skin will naturally stay dry and that dead skin will stay put on the skin. If exfoliating seems to irritate the skin too much use a washcloth to pick up the dead skin. We love Retin-A this product is the key to youthful skin and one of the best exfoliants. During the cold seasons we recommend that you use this product every other day because it can tend to be more drying. After removing the dry dead skin it’s a crucial time to moisturize the new layer of skin. Timing with skincare is key you should never exfoliate without following with a moisturizer. A lot of the serums that you previously would use during summer might get switched up for the winter routine. But the one serum that should stay put is any antioxidant serums that don’t contain any alcohol. One example of this would be a vitamin C product. We love the Images Skincare Hydrating Anti-aging Vital C Serum. This product is exactly what you need. We always recommend this product because it is all clean antioxidant ingredients. Vitamin C products are great for locking in hydration and preventing signs of age. In the morning apply a small layer and follow with an SPF. Yes, we said an SPF. Even if the sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds in the winter that doesn’t mean you aren’t UV rays. So yes you should still protect the skin from the sun just as much as you do in the summertime.

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Lotions vs. Creams

Applying a lotion during the summer is best because anything heavier is not necessary since the skin is already locking in the moisture. If you’re still applying a lotion through the day and noticing it’s no longer doing the same job it once was it isn’t the product for you. Lotions work great but often times are not strong enough during the colder seasons. It’s time you ask one of our skin experts at Images Med Spa in Hinsdale about switching out your lotion for a cream. A cream that includes ceramides and hyaluronic acid is key to keeping the skin from drying up. These ingredients will both aid in the breakdown of the skin barriers during winter and fall. So don’t worry about lathering on a lot because a dime amount will go a long way.

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