At Images Med Spa in Wheaton our all time favorite treatment is fillers. Who doesn’t love a little volume to areas that you might wish were more plump. Fillers are for anyone! This treatment might be for the patient looking to achieve a subtle change or a dramatic fullness. This treatment is great for anyone who has experienced a loss of collagen which resulted in sagging skin.

Fillers and botox are often confused by many. The difference between the two is that botox only treats signs of age such as wrinkles. Fillers can treat wrinkles and add volume. We often recommend scheduling a complimentary skin consultation with one of our injectors who can walk you through the treatment and provide the best options that suit your goals. Read on as we dive deeper into fillers and why we love them so much! 


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Fillers…Tell me more!

Fillers are temporary and used to plump areas of the face like lips, cheeks, under eyes etc. However, fillers stimulate collagen in the site of injections which can almost create a lasting plumpness. The filler is made out of Hyaluronic acid which is a sugar molecule made in the body. Each of the fillers come in different thickness and forms which is important to make sure you know which one is best for the results you want to achieve. Our most common fillers at Images Med Spa in Wheaton are Restylane, Juvéderm, and RHA. If you’re going to be choosing a filler for your cheeks our provider might suggest you get Restylane Lyft or Juvéderm Voluma. Restylane silk, RHA 2 or 3 might be recommended for someone who wants to smooth down those lip lines; this would be a good option for you. Juvederm ultra, Juvederm ultra plus, Restylane Kysse, and RHA 3 or 4 are all common fillers for the lip area. While all of these fillers are different you will achieve the perfect plumped pout that you’re looking for. Hyaluronic fillers last up to 9-12 months and that differs between most people depending how fast your metabolism is. One thing about fillers is if you don’t like your results you dissolve the treatment and so it can be completely reversed. While new patients coming in for fillers for the first time are often nervous, our nurses will make sure you’re comfortable and excited to see the beautiful results. Fillers don’t hurt but there may be a bit of discomfort. Our providers will offer numbing cream and this will definitely help with easing any discomfort. We love fillers for the instant results! 

Fan Favorite Area For Fillers 

If you’re looking to banish those dark circles once and for all then the filler treatment is for you! Stop wasting your money on any drugstore creams and expensive make-up that may not work or are temporary altogether. Fillers for dark circles will be the best long term option out there. Anyone with fair or thinner skin tends to have more prominent dark circles. At Images Med Spa in Wheaton we can remove this concern in under an hour. It’s important to go to someone you trust with all the proper training. Our clients who come to Images Med Spa trust our providers because of the results they are constantly delivering. Quality over quantity is always important especially when it comes to the concerns of treating your face. Our providers will be able to assess your skin and pick the best dermal filler for your under eyes. Oftentimes it just takes a bit of a thicker cushion injected under the eye to remove the hollowness. Fillers in general tend to scare some people away especially when it comes to treating the under eye. The truth is there is nothing scary about it! Schedule your consultation today and let our providers tell you more so you feel comfortable and ready to get your treatment! 


It’s All About The Lips! 

You’ve resorted to every option out there… You’ve tried the useless “lip plumping” lip glosses.. You’ve tried overlining your lips just realizing you have to constantly touch it up. You can’t take it any longer you don’t want subtle you want the real volume in your lips. You want what all your favorite celebrities have, which is full lips! We are being a little dramatic over here…you can totally get lip fillers and achieve very subtle results. There are many dermal fillers to choose from but as mentioned above two of the most popular options are Juvederm or Restylane but you should definitely set up your complimentary consultation with one of our providers at Images Med Spa in Wheaton in order to pick the best option for you. Lip fillers is not one of the shortest appointments but it can be done in 30mins or less just depends on the patient and how much filler you’re getting. Guessing if you are moving forward with getting lip fillers you understand the phrase “pain is beauty”. There might be some discomfort but that really depends on your pain tolerance. The nice part is that our providers at Images Med Spa will numb you right up so they can take away that discomfort. We can quite honestly say that lip fillers are one of our favorite treatments and always one of the favorites from our patients. Everyone loves the instant results and can’t wait to show off their new lips! If you find that your lips are just too thin and you don’t think the lip flip would quite give you the results you want then definitely consider getting lip fillers! This treatment compared to the lip flip is definitely more intense and harder on the lip area. You might experience swelling and bruising. So definitely set this appointment up knowing that you have the rest of the day to lay low. Some clients are ready to go within a few hours and some might need the day to recover. By the next day you should no longer be experiencing any discomfort and can get back to regular life (take it easy on the lips though)! 

The Secret Is Out

One cosmetic treatment that so many people are getting but not revealing is cheek fillers. Prominent cheekbones are said to be the heart of one’s bone structure on the face. If there is one thing that never changes when it comes to beauty and the modeling industry it is defined, cheekbones stand out to the eye. This is secretly because everyone wants those high cheekbones. Maybe this might be why people who have got this treatment keep it a secret. Cheek bones are striking and when you see a model walking down the runway she looks fierce. Razor sharp cheekbones make the face appear thinner, the eyes look bigger and the mouth has the same expression… the face shouts strong and powerful! High fashion companies always look for the models with the most blessed bone structure. At Images Med Spa in Wheaton we’ve seen patients of any age come in for this treatment because  cheekbones are a desirable look for all ages. 


If we haven’t convinced you yet why we love fillers at Images Med Spa in Wheaton book your appointment today let us show you what it’s all about! 



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