Bouncing back after pregnancy isn’t easy. In fact we high-five the mommas who are able to continue putting in all the hard work and effort it takes to get your body back in shape. Let alone having a baby or two or four we want to reassure you it is possible to get your body back. But to make it less stressful we have an option that can assist you with reaching your goals quicker. The hardest part when it comes to slimming down after pregnancy is tightening up your core. The reason for this is because your uterus and stomach had to grow in order for you to carry a baby. The only thing is even after having your baby the bump doesn’t just go away. We want to discuss the best way to restore your core after pregnancy and it won’t include over-training in the gym or being on the strictest diet. Because spending time as a mother is more important anyways!


This revolutionary body sculpting treatment burns fat and builds muscle. Achieve the same results as you would from months of dieting and exercising.




Keeping fat off of your body can be really difficult – especially in certain trouble areas. Luckily, CoolSculpting makes it possible. This treatment can spot reduce in certain areas where the weight won’t budge.




Age, hormones, and childbirth can cause a significant decline in vaginal health. This decline results in vaginal laxity, dryness, urinary incontinence, and decreased sensitivity. Viveve is a revolutionary vaginal therapy that uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to revive vaginal health.


What Happens to Your Core During Pregnancy

During pregnancy your core can weaken due to a few reasons. The obvious one is the uterus begins to stretch to make room for a growing baby. Two, you’re not active during your pregnancy. Three, the rectus muscles separate and the distance between them is abnormal. A Diastasis Recti could bulge down the middle of your stomach making it noticeable when you make any movements that involve flexing your core. This can unfortunately weaken the core muscles and disrupt your daily activities. Diastsis Recti happens to 60% of women so it’s not entirely uncommon to notice these affect post giving birth. This all sounds scary and in fact it’s unfair the things us women’s bodies have to go through. It’s strongly encouraged to remain active throughout pregnancy not just for mental health but also for physical health as well, even if it doesn’t come with any visible results.

How to Strengthen Up Your Core 

EmSculpt is beneficial to many who are looking to burn fat and build muscle. Over the years doctors have seen it become increasingly effective for postpartum women. Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and even after having the baby. With the stretching of the stomach, demands of breastfeeding, and caring for a newborn it may leave you with little to no time for you to focus on you. It’s even more common to feel drained after birth so this is where EmSculpt can really help restore a weakened core and an exhausted mom’s confidence. The great thing about EmSculpt is it’s not invasive, doesn’t involve surgery and there is no recovery time. Which is the best of both worlds because you can focus on achieving your pre-baby body back and still take care of your little one. This fat-reducing muscle building treatment essentially causes 20,000 muscle contractions all within one session of EmSculpt. More contractions that you could ever get during a workout and birth. Except it doesn’t feel anything like giving birth. It’s equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes, which could also never be done either. Doesn’t this already give you hope that you’ll transform into the hot mom body category?


How Does EmSculpt Work
During your treatment at Images Med Spa we will apply a paddle to the designated area of concern and the EmSculpt machine will start generating a pulse that causes the muscle to contract. Some describe the feeling and bracing or flexing your muscles. The fat cells will be signaled to break down into free fatty acids and these eventually are metabolized and passed through as waste. The muscle continues to contract throughout the 30 minute session and this intense pulsing is strengthening those muscles. The amazing part of EmSculpt is you’ll achieve the same results you would from dieting and exercising for 6 months.


EmSculpt + an Active Lifestyle is KEY
If you’re looking to really achieve the best results possible it will be key to maintain a healthy lifestyle postpartum. Eating junk food or being a couch potato everyday won’t speed up the process of getting your body back on track. If you include a few 30 minute workouts a week, daily walks, eat more veggies, lean protein, and drink lots of water this will make you not only look better but also feel better! Remember to give it time because your body went through months of changes to grow a healthy baby in your belly it could take just as many months to get to where you feel most confident in your body again.


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