Are you someone who no matter how much sleep you’re getting, coffee you are drinking, or products you are applying you still have the appearance of under eye circles and sleepy eyes? Not even religiously lathering on your favorite under eye cream nightly and heavy concealer daily can hide the effects of those stubborn dark under eye circles. Yes, we said it, even if you’re doing everything right and getting 7+ hours of sleep the causes could be entirely different. It could be a result of age, genetics, diet, pigmentation, dehydration, and unfortunately the list goes on. Your answer to really brighten up your eyes is the Bright Eye Beauty Package. You’re welcome, the secret is out.


Restore any loss volume or define your cheek bone structure with a natural lift.




The 24k gold plated stamp creates tiny punctures into the skin to stimulate collagen to result in a healthier and more hydrated skin.




An effective method to rejuvenate and restore any signs of aging. Whether it’s hair restoration or softening any wrinkles PRFM does it all.



The All in One: Bright Eye Beauty Package

The Bright Eye Beauty Package was designed and curated by Image’s Med Spa Nurse Injectors. The package not only focuses on the eyes but also to treat the areas surrounding the eyes to help assist and restore skin complexion, hydration, collagen, and give it a natural lift. This all in one package includes Filler, PRFM, and Microinfusion. Keep on reading to learn what each one of these treatments does and how this will help rejuvenate your eyes to its full potential for long-term results.

Step 1: Cheek Filler – Supports the Face to Balance the Eyes

You might wonder why cheek filler would be included in the Bright Eye Beauty Package vs. getting under eye filler. Fillers are made out of Hyaluronic Acid which is a natural substance found in the body and when injected the filler will consistently attract fluids to keep the area plump and hydrated. That being said, filling under eyes can be tricky because if the area attracts too much fluid this can result in puffy under eyes. A better solution to treating hollow or dark under eyes is by getting cheek or temple filler. Cheek filler will support the surrounding area and overall tighten the skin. This will improve signs of aging, face shape, and dark under eyes for a more awake and brighten eye.

Step 2: PRFM – Adds Collagen Under Your Eyes

PRFM stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix. What a name right? No wonder we all call it PRFM. You may be familiar with PRP which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, the process in which growth factors are spun and drawn out of your own blood in order to increase the healing production with your own collagen. PRFM is similar and contains the same growth factors but differs because the platelets are activated with calcium. When it is injected into an area of the skin like the under eyes this creates a gel. [insert mind blown emoji here] This enables the plasma to greatly improve smoother skin for a more youthful looking appearance. PRFM has become increasingly wide-known for its ability to specifically treat an area like the under eye. The under eye is one of the trickiest areas to treat being that it is hollow and skin is thinner than any other areas on the face. With our knowledge and years of training we have found that this is the best approach to treating dark under eyes for natural and long-term results.


Step 3: Microinfusion

If you’re looking for immediate plumping to the hollow areas such as the under eyes, Microinfusion is your new favorite treatment. This gold-plated ultra-thin needle device creates micro puncture wounds to any area of concern in order to accelerate the healing process – resulting in a more brightened and beautiful complexion. This treatment is often confused with microneedling because the two treatments are very similar. The big difference with the microinfusion treatment is it stamps nutrients such as Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid into the skin. The results are immediate and the treatment can be done in 30 minutes or less. Our favorite results from this treatment include: 

  • Fading of dark spots such as under eye darkness 
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Firmer skin 
  • Instant glowing complexion 
  • Evened out skin tone and texture

If make-up and skincare is not cutting it anymore for your under eye circles and sleepy appearance it’s time you quit looking for the temporary fixes. Our Injector Nurses at Images Med Spa have designed the Bright Eye Beauty Package to help you achieve maximum results. Each of these recommendations have allowed out clients to wear their bare skin confidently because of their extraordinary results. There is always a solution and you don’t have to live with feeling insecure about any of your beauty concerns. Let’s say bye bye to those dark under eyes together!


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