As a new season arrives, it’s time to ditch the summer skincare routine and replace it with products that will keep your skin just as hydrated and glowing as it was in the summer. Continue reading for our top fall skin tips!


Instead of letting your skin slowly become dull, irritated, and dried out, we’re here to catch it before it starts. With fall, the weather becomes colder and the humidity drops quickly. This means you can only expect drier skin because it no longer is locking in the moisture from the humidity in the summer. Think of it like this… some of us experience seasonal allergies and it’s caused by the abrupt change from cold to hot or hot to cold and it’s our immune system’s reaction due to environment changes. If seasonal allergies aren’t taken care of right away they are annoying and can worsen. The skin also reacts to these environmental changes the same way and who wants these negative skin reactions to begin with?

Reassessing Your Skincare Routine

How would you know to switch up your skincare from summer to fall to winter? Most times it is just a few tweaks and changes so that your skin is not in too deep. From personal experience before seeing an Aesthetician, my routine would consist of using Salicylic Acid-based cleansers and harsh chemicals so that I keep those pesky pimples dried out. The routine worked in the summer due to the extra hydration and moisture in my skin. But as fall rolled in it didn’t take long for my skin to first start looking very, very DULL. My skin no longer appeared as bright and my overall complexion was different. As I continued to use these products my skin got even more irritated and dermatitis appeared around my nose and then I began to break out, which led me to use more harsh products on my skin. It was a never-ending cycle.


After speaking with my Images Aesthetician, she right away switched out my cleanser so that it would no longer strip away at my skin. She told me the stripping at the skin caused it to produce more oil, which is what led to the breakouts and skin irritation. She gave me a product that cleared my dermatitis right up. Something I took away from my meeting with my Aesthetician is that “less is always more” when it comes to using these strong, chemical-based products. I was using too much which may have worked for the summer but the change in weather should always be taken into account.


Switch Up Your Cleanser

Using the right cleanser during each season is crucial. During the summer our skin produces A LOT more moisture which means oilier skin. Using a product that contains strong medical-grade ingredients is key to keeping the skin clear from trapping in any oils, dirt, and debris into the pores. The Purifying Wash by Epionce is a great option for those who live a busy and active lifestyle. It will exfoliate the skin and help it stay clear from any blemishes, excess oil and dirty pores. During the fall the skin will lose that moisture which is key to that summer skin glow… this is why oftentimes people will refer to their skin as dry and dull during this seasonal change. One of our go-to’s is Papaya Enzyme Cleanser by Revision. This product is similar to the Purifying Wash by Epionce but it will not have the same effect that dries out the skin. It will allow you to restore that glow and improve dry skin, and while keeping it clean. 


Try A Thicker Moisturizer 

Picking the right moisturizer might not seem not like a big deal. But it’s a huge deal because you can go wrong very quickly if you choose the wrong one during summer vs. fall. As we mentioned above summer skin equals moisture and hydration. The worst thing you can do is by increasing that moisture and over moisturizing the skin. Which can lead to unwanted blemishes. In the summer it’s best to avoid any heavy creams in your skincare routine. The best moisturizer during this time will be Alastins Ultra Light Moisturizer. It’s light but providers the right amount of hydration that the skin needs. As for the fall your answer should be clear… A cream is best for the colder months as the skin is dried out from the cold and from everyone cranking up the heat this has a huge impact on the skin moisture. One of our favorite moisturizers is the Neocutis Bio Cream Riche. This one is a fan favorite and has won many awards for being one of the best moisturizers out there. 



Adjusting Your Skincare Routine is Simple with Images Med Spa

With these fall skin tips, you can achieve that glowing, hydrated Summer look all throughout the Autumn season. Still not sure what products are right for you? Want to speak with a professional? We offer complimentary skin consultation at all of our spas! An Aesthetician will assess your skin and recommend products + treatments that will benefit your skin type and skin concerns.


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