When it comes to picking the right products for your skin, it can be tricky. Skincare used to seem so simple in your teenage years, but that quickly comes to an end when the same products you’ve religiously been using are not solving your skin concerns. At Images Med Spa in Wilmette we are loyal to medical-grade skincare products for multiple reasons.

Medical-grade products contain only pure ingredients and are approved by the best dermatologists. This being said they will contain stronger ingredients that will aid in improving and clearing the skin. One of our favorite skincare brands of all time is Epionce. While there are many different products to address your particular concerns this brand is suitable for everyone’s skincare needs. Created by one of the best clinical dermatologists Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt. He designed his own skincare line with over 20 years of research, formulation and science. He simply wanted to understand every aspect of the skin and solve the best ways to treat every skin type. Read on to learn about the amazing brand Epionce and what it could do for your skin!


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Treating Damaged Skin

“I created Epionce to help me be a better doctor” – Carl R. Thornfeldt. We love this brand for multiple reasons but one of them is the quality of each and every product. After years of Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt treated many patients and conducted thorough research he found key components to designing products that achieve long-term results. What he saw was repairing the skin’s barrier and blocking chronic inflammation had the best results for aging and the overall health of the skin. The reason the skin can become damaged is because of two reasons 1. A disrupted skin barrier 2. Chronic inflammation in the skin. Epionce focuses on repairing the skin and stopping the cycle of damage. The two types of inflammation that need to be addressed immediately are acute and chronic. Acute inflammation can heal itself naturally and is necessary for harmful insults to be fought off. Chronic inflammation if left untreated can lead to destructive inflammation. This essentially leaves the skin vulnerable since harmful factors are now able to penetrate the skin. As you can imagine the skin begins to lose its former strength and natural repairing cycle. With the right Epionce products for your skin type you can bring your skin back to prime health and repair existing damage. 

Medical Grade vs. Store Bought 

Are you loyal to your skincare routine? Are you still using random samples you got from sephora or ulta? The number one rule to having good skin is finding a skincare routine and sticking to it. When it comes to the skin, results don’t come overnight. The skin is tricky, it requires a lot of attention and maintenance. But most importantly using the right products for your skin type will ultimately help you reach your goals. At Images Med Spa in Wilmette we offer a complimentary skin consultation where you can discuss your current regimen and concerns. One of our amazing estheticians will analyze your skin and set you up with everything you will need to do to reach your beautiful skin goals. First things first if you’re wondering where to begin let’s talk skincare products. It seems to be a misconception that you should invest in skincare products from Sephora or Ulta. For long term results this is the last place you should buy skincare products. The truth is that products bought at the store are often misleading. They box might say they are approved and will remove all those skin concerns. Let’s be honest you spent a fortune and they did nothing that the product promised it would do. Sometimes they even end up making the skin worse than before. Store bought products don’t contain the same level of strength that medical-grade products. Also on top of that when the product says approved, it could be approved by anyone or the brand itself. Medical-grade products at Images Med Spa in Wilmette are all approved by dermatologists. Most people think that all medical-grade products will break their bank but we can find products that suit your budget and do an amazing job. 

All About Epionce

Epionce is a unique formula because it is botanical based. Which means that the ingredients are pure and plant based. They use three ingredient technologies that provide the right concentration and therapeutic activity. The first is the anti-inflammatory technology that blocks the skin from becoming inflamed and soothes down already inflamed skin. Next is the barrier repair technology which strengthens and repairs the skin protective barrier for optimal function. Lastly keratolytic technology is for cell turnover, removing dead skin cells, clearing pores, and retexturing skin. Epionce believes in bringing optimal levels of active ingredients. Some of the common main ingredients in their products include flax extract, meadowfoam extract, willow bark extract, and avocado extract. All of these ingredients are antioxidants which help with inflammation. 


At Images Med Spa in Wilmette we are all about helping you reach your skin goals with a step by step plan. Your skin is the best investment and we want to help you through this journey! Book your appointment or skin consultation today 224-432-6472!


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