By now you’ve probably heard all the hype when it comes to CBD and why everyone is adding it into their daily routines. But have you heard about using it for beauty purposes?

At Images Med Spa in Wilmette, we cannot get enough of all the healing health, and beauty benefits. Let’s get one thing straight CBD is not Marijuana. CBD stands for cannabinoid oil and this comes from cannabis Sativa plants or industrial hemp. CBD is non-psychoactive which means you cannot get high off it. CBD has a calming effect and the main benefit for the skin is the anti-inflammatory property. Read on to learn how else CBD can take your beauty routine to the next level…


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Beauty + CBD 

Nowadays more and more beauty products are containing CBD. Besides that, you can find CBD in cocktails, candy, chapstick, candles and the list just seems to never end. At Image Med Spa in Wilmette, we love the Glazer CBD Gummies. It is a yummy treat and each gummy contains 10mgs of CBD. If you have a hard time unwinding and letting go of stress or anxiety we love CBD for this. Now we’re excited to hear skin care serums, cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens are all containing CBD. CBD can benefit the skin in multiple ways but some that we’ve noticed a dramatic difference in are improved acne, oily and dry skin control, and regulating hormone production. The calming effects of CBD work as an anti-inflammatory this can even aid in treating eczema and psoriasis.

 How the healing properties of CBD improve your skin: 

  • Inflamed Acne – CBD can significantly reduce swelling, redness, and pain which is often associated with severe acne. 
  • Regulate hormones – CBD can regulate oil production and excess sebum.
  • Decrease breakouts – since CBD regulates oil products and reduces inflammation this can get acne under control. 
  • Rosacea – CBD healing and calming properties can lessen a rosacea flare-up.
  • Radical Damage – CBD supports the skin from weakening and neutralizes radical damage.
  • Serious Skin Conditions – Depending on the severity of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis CBD may lessen the irritation and inflammation that worsens these skin conditions. 
  • Reduce Stress – As we all know CBD can reduce stress and anxiety but it can also decrease compounds such as cortisol from releasing. 
  • Hydrate – CBD can prevent dehydration and dryness. 

Top 3 CBD Beauty Products 


Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion 

This hydrating infused CBD body lotion is amazing. Each pump of lotion is two milligrams of CBD. This is not a lot of CBD but it is the perfect amount to feeling the relaxing effects of CBD. The crazy part about this lotion is that it can aid in foot pain. Putting a layer on your feet daily will improve foot pain. Even if you don’t experience feet pain think about those tall heels that sit in your closet that you can’t get yourself to wear because you’re worried you’ll be the party pooper of the GNO. This CBD body lotion is exactly what you need to unwind at the end of the night while keeping the skin moisturized. 


Cannuka CBD Eye Balm

The two main ingredients in this amazing calming eye balm are CBD and manuka honey. The texture is thick but it provides all the moisture your skin needs. Our favorite part of this eye balm is the cooling effect and how soft it feels. This product doesn’t smudge makeup either so it can be added right into your morning and nightly routine. 


CBD Lip Balm

This Lip Balm contains organically grown CBD and this is the best kind when looking for a pure CBD. Each lip balm contains 50 mg of CBD. If your lips are irritated, inflamed, or cracked from the winter this will calm that down. If you naturally always have chapped lips this lip balm contains kokum butter. Kokum Butter is from the fruit kernels of a tree. There are two different flavors to choose from which is peppermint and rose. This soothing blend of CBD lip balm will give you the perfect sheer finish. 


At Images Med Spa in Wilmette, we’ve made CBD a regular in our routine for the healing health benefits and now for the beauty benefits. To learn more about healthy, beauty, and wellness keep up on our weekly newsletters! 



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