Summer has officially come to an end and we’ve jumped into one of our favorite seasons, fall. This means pumpkin spice everything! But more important matters to cover is our skin and how the change of weather will affect it. It’s no better of a time to make sure you keep up with that glowy, dewy, and radiating skin that oftentimes only comes with the summer weather.

At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park, we know how frustrating the effects of transitioning into a new season have on the skin. During the summer the humidity in the air often keeps the skin hydrated and fresh. However, this is not the same case during the cold.. indoor heaters and outdoor conditions will disrupt the skin’s barrier causing it to become irritated and dry. You’re in luck though because at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park we are not going to allow this to happen to you this fall and winter season. Keep reading so we can fill you in on all the tricks to protect the skin!


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One of our amazing estheticians at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park, Brodie, says “Microneedling helps to build your collagen and smooths the surface of the skin over time”. The good part for our skin during fall and winter is that there is less sun time because the days are shorter which is not our favorite part about the colder seasons. However, it means this is the perfect time to get some really effective treatments scheduled since your skin will have less exposure to the sun. It is a must to check out getting a skin resurfacing treatment. Microneedling is one of Brodie’s top skin treatments that we do in Lincoln Park for multiple reasons. This treatment is so great because it stimulates the skin’s natural healing process with a series of needle punctures. Days and weeks after the skin will begin to develop new skin cells and replace the old ones. This happens due to the boost of collagen. Microneedling is known for being the cure for those stubborn scars and reducing wrinkles or fine lines. This skin renewal treatment is unlike other skin resurfacing treatments because it can treat a broader range of skin concerns. Oftentimes clients come in to get microneedling for scarring or fine lines but find how it can drastically fix other concerns that were not on the top of their list. When you come in to get microneedling it will be a 45-minute appointment and there will be no recovery necessary which makes it easy to fit into anyone’s busy schedule! There are certain things to avoid after treatment such as working out, make-up, or getting direct sun exposure for an extended period of time. But within 24 hours your skin will be all good to go to do any of these regular activities. Noticeably redder skin is normal after getting microneedling the skin went through a lot and needs its time to heal. After a few days, you’ll realize it was all worth it because of your skin transformation. You’ll notice a smoother brighter complexion! We recommend doing a series of three every 4 – 6 weeks. Signs of age can’t always be prevented unless you get monthly treatments. This will ensure that you maintain the results while continuing to improve the skin with every treatment. 


The Moxi is one of our favorite treatments at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park for multiple reasons. You can receive this treatment anytime in the year but we often recommend getting it during the colder months when you will be spending more time inside and less in the sun. This treatment is exactly what you need to repair the skin from sun damage. The new laser is top notch technology that can provide amazing results just after one treatment. Moxi is especially beneficial for an uneven pigmentation, texture/tone, sun damage, and skin aging. We recommend this treatment for long-term results and as part of your skin routine. It’s important to keep up with the maintenance otherwise the results will not hold up to its full potential. This laser treatment is more aggressive than others and that’s why it brings quick beautiful results! Some might even compare this treatment to the Halo which is one of the highest quality skin resurfacing treatments in the beauty industry. The Moxi is a quick treatment and can take from 30-60mins. For most of us we don’t want to miss out on our social plans and this treatment has little no downtime! 


Chemical Peel 

Another one of Brodie’s go-to skin treatments is the chemical peel. She says “peels can brighten the skin and minimize pore size over time. They are a perfect treatment to get started on before the holidays!”. Like microneedling, we always recommend getting this skin treatment during the colder seasons because it’s crucial that you avoid direct sunlight. A chemical peel can bring amazing results to any of your skin concerns while also bringing it back into good health which is important to have clear skin. We always recommend this one to the patient who is struggling with hyperpigmentation, large pores, acne, and fine lines. This is a good starting treatment if you’re new to any skin treatments. It is less harsh and still delivers amazing results. At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park, we offer three levels of the chemical peel all of which essentially do the same thing just at different levels of strength. If you are looking for all-around clarity in the skin this would be a great option for you to consider checking out. Our physician-grade chemical peel will completely resurface the skin to reveal a smooth and radiating complexion.

Since so many of us spend more time indoors during the colder months it’s no better of a time to focus on the needs of your skin. Sun damage most likely took a toll on your skin and it needs to be addressed after summer months to restore the skin to optimal health. If you’re looking prep for the holidays and get to the bottom of your skin concerns, schedule a consultation at Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park! Our complimentary skin consultation will solve all your skin issues and set you up with a successful skin plan.


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