Hopefully at this point we no longer have to hide the fact that we are getting Botox. Because let’s be honest… Everyone is doing it or at least has thought about doing it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it! If getting Botox makes you feel good and look good then it shouldn’t be forbidden. While we all have an opinion on it… it’s important to educate yourself before making your appointment.


At Images Med Spa in Mokena Botox is one of our most popular treatments. But there seems to be a lot of questions on how it works, where you can get it, what it does and the list goes on. We want to educate you on everything you need to know about Botox so that you are an expert just like us!


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Safe & Effective 

For most people they are hesitant about Botox because they worry about its safety. But if you’ve done your research you’ll know there is absolutely nothing to fear. First off Botox is approved by the FDA and people do it every day! Botox is a neurotoxin and that might scare you away but it shouldn’t because it’s perfectly safe. Such little amounts of units are injected. It’s impossible for the botox to just roam the body since it can only travel 3 cm from where it was injected. For Botox to be toxic you would have to be injected with 2,500-3,000 units and that would never happen! Also, small doses are effective enough to completely remove wrinkles and fine lines. While Botox is effective it does not last forever so if you want to keep up with the results you will want to schedule future appointments.

Where You Can Get Botox

Many who are new to our spa often come in with many questions revolving around Botox. A big question you might be asking yourself is where can I get Botox? We want to clarify the most common places people get botox and more. One concerning place might be the Glabella lines which are the lines created between the eyebrows also known as frown lines. We don’t know about you but our least favorite wrinkles are the ones that appear on the forehead. These lines appear from raising the eyebrows and often become deeper as you age. “Bunny lines” these ones show up on the nose of some clients and they pop-up when the nose wrinkles which could be from sniffing/smelling. Make sure you consult with one of our providers at Images Med Spa in Mokena about your concerned areas so they can recommend the right amount units for your concerned areas. Have you ever heard of a brow lift? We all deal with some sagging skin around the eyes. A brow lift will raise the eyelid from a hooded appearance.  the skin that may be sagging and opening up the eyes. As you age the brow may drop and create a hood. This treatment works by injecting around the top of the eyebrow and upper face. The dreadful eye wrinkles create a tired look and we get it, we hate it too. A common wrinkle on the outer corner of the eyes is called“crows feet”. These lines often appear when someone squints or smiles. Do you feel like your neck shows your age? Botox on the neck is a fan favorite treatment because it is simply the only way to address wrinkles on the neck. Did you know that if you struggle with excess sweating Botox can control that. You can even get Botox in your underarms to control it so that you no longer have to sweat through all your shirts or use medicated deodorant. Most people are surprised to hear that Botox can do more than treat signs of age. If you have jaw pain from grinding your teeth at night or clenching your jaw throughout the day. You can get Botox in your masseters and this will relax the jaw and solve a sore or painful jaw.

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How Many Units Do I Need?

At Images Med Spa we are here to make it easy for you and lay it all out so you can be relieved from doing google searches that might have misleading information (these numbers are based on the estimated amount someone might get but this differs from person to person).


Eyebrow Lift: 2 – 5 units

Forehead Lines: 10 – 30 units 

Frown or Glabellar Lines: 10 – 25 units

Bunny or Nasalis Lines: 5 – 10 units

Dimpled Chin: 2 – 6 units

Crow’s Feet (per side): 5 – 15 units 

Smile Lift (corners of the mouth): 3 – 6 units

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Preventable Measure

It is normal nowadays for the younger generations to book an appointment for botox. At Images Med Spa we see more and more 20-30-year-olds coming to get preventative botox. There might be little to no signs of age at the time and this is one of the best times to get botox! The reason is that you will need less of it and you won’t have to come as frequently vs. if you waited before it worsens. People often come running to the spa the minute they turn 30 and the reason is that the skin doesn’t bounce back like it did when you were younger. The loss of collagen may have affected the skin overall and this will cause the wrinkles to become more prominent. More wrinkles will require more units of botox which can become costly. Getting botox early on will save your skin and wrinkles from deepening later down the road. As we mentioned before since botox blocks the muscle from contracting this will overall affect how you age in the future and lessen those wrinkles altogether. When it comes to beauty we all do our best to keep up with looking good and that is a form of self-care. If getting your roots touched up makes you feel good and look good then you’ll do it. As we all know, looking good and feeling good is all aligned. Taking care of yourself comes in many different forms and Botox might just be one of them.

At Images Med Spa in Mokena we know what it’s like to obsess over those wrinkles in the mirror or in a photo. There are temporary options to cover the wrinkles up with make-up. But a better, more permanent option is botox. Nobody should have to suffer or feel less beautiful due to age. If altering your hair color, whitening your teeth, getting injections, and botox all make you feel good then why not do it? You know when you finally book a much-needed hair or nail appointment you’re so excited you want to let all your friends know. Botox shouldn’t be this big secret if it makes you feel good. Book your appointment today at Images Med Spa because you deserve to feel good and look good!

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