It is no secret at Images Med Spa in Wilmette Botox is our favorite treatment. Who wouldn’t want to look eternally young. When it comes to the subject of Botox the topic is usually forbidden. But the truth is everyone wants it, thinks about getting it, or already gets it.

The treatment is effective, FDA approved, and a preventable measure you can take to fight off signs of age. We could go on and on about all the reasons why you should Botox. But we’ve narrowed it down to 6 reasons why we love it. Read on to learn more about Botox and all the reasons it’s worth it!


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Safe & Effective 

For most people they are hesitant about Botox because they worry about its safety. But if you’ve done your research you’ll know there is absolutely nothing to fear. First off Botox is approved by the FDA and people do it every day! Botox is a neurotoxin and that might scare you away but it shouldn’t because it’s perfectly safe. Such little amounts of units are injected. It’s impossible for the botox to just roam the body since it can only travel 3 cm from where it was injected. For Botox to be toxic you would have to be injected with 2,500-3,000 units and that would never happen! Also, small doses are effective enough to completely remove wrinkles and fine lines. While Botox is effective it does not last forever so if you want to keep up with the results you will want to schedule future appointments. 

Preventable Measure 

It is normal nowadays for the younger generations to book an appointment for botox. At Images Med Spa we see more and more 20-30-year-olds coming to get preventative botox. There might be little to no signs of age and this is one of the best times to get botox! The reason is that you will need less of it and you won’t have to come as frequently vs. if you waited before it worsens. People often come running for the spa the minute they turn 30 and the reason is that the skin doesn’t bounce back like it did when you were younger. The loss of collagen may have affected the skin overall and this will cause the wrinkles to become more prominent. More wrinkles will require more units of botox which can become costly. Getting botox early on will save your skin and wrinkles from deepening later down the road. As we mentioned before since botox blocks the muscle from contracting this will overall affect how you age in the future and lessen those wrinkles altogether. When it comes to beauty we all do our best to keep up with looking good and that is a form of self-care. If getting your roots touched up makes you feel good and look good then you’ll do it. As we all know looking good and feeling good is all aligned. Taking care of yourself comes in many different forms and Botox might just be one of them.

Quickest Treatment Ever! 


Saves You Money 

When it comes to treating signs of age such as wrinkles or fine lines why do we always turn to expensive skin care products? The truth is if there was a miracle product that could do the same job that Botox does then we would all own that product. Medical skin care products can work wonders but depending on what results you’re looking to achieve you might want to wait before dropping hundreds of dollars. While some medical grade products can reduce those signs of age they will not remove them all together. Botox however does take away wrinkles and for 4 months or longer. Depends on the person and age. The amount of Botox units depends but if you start early on you can get very little and it can prevent new signs of age from appearing. If you think you’ve waited to long don’t worry because Botox will also give you the results you’re looking for. It just might require more units. 



The Botox treatment at Images Med Spa in Wilmette is very quick and painless for some. The treatment will only require a few quick tiny pinches in areas that concern you. But other than that Botox goes a long way. The treatment might be somewhat uncomfortable for some but you expect to get in under 30mins. Our providers will definitely want to make sure you’re comfortable and ready! 


When you look good you feel good and when you look good you probably receive more compliments. The truth is Botox can make your skin smoother and flawless. You can expect that all your friends and family will notice the difference. The compliment is worth it but if you feel good then it’s even more worth it. We always say do it for you! 



Botox is a customizable treatment. You can choose exactly how you want it to turn out and one of our talented nurses will make sure you get the results you desire. While some fear of the frozen face those results can be short term and also controlled. You can get a small amount of units if that is something that turns you away from the treatment. While for a first time client you might experience frozen areas of the face but this is temporary. You should wait the full two weeks to see the best results. Be patient because it’s fully worth it! 


Book your appointment today at Images Med Spa in Wilmette! We also offer a complimentary consultation if you prefer to express your concerns or the results you’re looking to achieve. Our providers want to help you achieve the best results! 



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