5 Benefits of PRP and How it Can Give You Glowing Skin

By now you’ve probably heard of PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. For some of us, when we think of skin treatments like a facial, we think of cucumbers on the eyes, relaxing music, and a massage for your face. The truth is, getting a skin treatment that is going to actually transform your skin won’t be as relaxing as you may think. In fact, over the years, aesthetic treatments have only gotten more “creative” and out of the box. For example, you’ve probably seen Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial she posted a couple years back and thought “WHAT THE…” treatments have gotten even more atypical since then, but the results have been unparalleled. 


Let’s break down what Kim’s facial really is: The Vampire Facial is the mix of Microneedling + PRP. The combination of these two can give you the results that give you the  ultimate rejuvenation. 


PRP has 5 amazing benefits and it’s time you learn how it can give you the glowing skin we are all dying to have! Read on to learn about what you’re missing out on…


The plasma in your blood can be used to stimulate collagen production, increasing your skin’s firmness. The-platelet rich plasma is paired with a microneedling procedure to deliver exceptional, combined results.



Hair Restoration

PRP hair restoration your hair will return to its prime. This transformative procedure utilizes your body’s own resource, platelet-rich plasma, to enhance the volume and revitalize hair growth.



Brighten Eyes

Treat dark under-eyes with PRP. This advanced treatment uses your own growth factors to restore the skins complexion and firmness. Resulting in brighter undereyes.



What is PRP?

PRP is found in your own blood and plays a big role in repairing and rejuvenating tissue. In order to get the benefits of the PRP a nurse injector will first start by drawing some blood (like you would at the doctors office). After drawing up the blood theyspin it in a centrifuge to separate the growth factors because the growth factors itself enhances the tissue repair process. It’s then used topically or injected back into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This essentially reverses signs of aging and speeds up the healing process. While this may sound a bit bizarre, trust us when we say this will smoothen, tighten, and generate newer-looking skin like no other!

1. Stimulated Collagen for that GLOW

One of the main benefits of PRP is the increase in collagen production. This natural formation repairs tissue regeneration, skin thickness, and skin tightening. Collagen is a protein found in the body to strengthen skin, tendons, and cartilage. As we stop producing collagen in our 20s, we begin to lose the glue that keeps the skin tight, firm, and strong. An increase in collagen, no matter your age, will repair, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin to not only look its best but also feel its best.

2. Lift Sagging Skin for GOOD 
Sagging skin is the painful truth that comes with aging. However, if you catch it early before skin laxity, you will have better chances of repairing the overall firmness to your skin. If surgery is not the answer for you, PRP may be another solution. While the results may not be as drastic as surgery, you can definitely tighten the skin for a natural look. The process for PRP is often the same unless it is paired with another treatment. 

Treating sagging skin with PRP is pretty simple. The PRP after it has been spun in the centrifuge, will be injected into the area or areas of loose skin. While results are not instant, you will have to wait as the skin begins to heal itself. But in a course of 2 weeks you will see your skin begin to appear tighter, smoother, and glowing. Depending on skin elasticity, it may be recommended to do a series for best results. This all depends on your goals, but we can guarantee your skin will thank us later!

3.  Say Bye Bye to Acne Scars  
The vampire facial is one of our favorite treatment combos for treating both acne and acne scars. While microneedling alone will boost your collagen, PRP gives the skin an extra boost of collagen in order to repair years of damage. Scars can be one of the most difficult skin concerns to treat because these marks can be too deep for any skincare routine to ever treat at home. The way this combo works is first your blood is drawn and spun. Next, we begin the microneedling part of the treatment where we do several passes over the skin creating micro wounds. The PRP is then put into a syringe to lather around the skin. There will be a few more passes on the skin to ensure the PRP has been evenly distributed. BOOM that’s it! There is a bit of recovery time and you may experience redness and peeling, but after a few days a new layer will reveal itself. This treatment combo goes beyond the surface to target those deeper scars and heal textured skin types for a more beautiful, even complexion.
4. Improve Hyperpigmentation 
Hyperpigmentation is when the skin appears blotchy or discolored due to excess melanin. It can be treated through the duo treatment of microneedling and PRP. The tiny micro wounds or “opening” caused by microneedling are remedied with platelet rich plasma. This plays a big part in treating not only hyperpigmentation but also melasma and sun spots. PRP contains growth factors which are key to reducing pigmentation. All these growth factors increase cell renewal, cell defense, blood circulation, and overall growth of new skin. 

Fun fact… PRP has been used to heal major injuries in athletes and those with injuries due to age.

5. Restore Hair Loss 

PRP can be used to restore hair loss, alopecia, or balding. The 3 step process includes drawing the blood, spinning it, and injecting it into the scalp. The PRP triggers hair growth and increases blood supply to the hair follicle. It not only stimulates hair growth but also strengthens and increases hair thickness. But we will let the results speak for themselves!



So whether you’re looking to target a specific concern or just looking for an overall even complexion and glowing results, PRP does it all. This treatment is quick, effective, and gives you natural results. We get that botox and fillers aren’t for everyone. The best part about being consistent with your skin is that the results are forever. We don’t look for a simple fix; we set you up with a plan that gives you results that are natural and long-term!


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