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5 of Images Med Spa’s expert beauty tips for those in need of self care. Improve your mood and put all your beauty needs first.


It’s that time of year where your calendar is jammed and your workload is full. Constant stress is no good for anybody. Especially your skin. We are so used to the hustle that taking time for ourselves seems almost forbidden. But taking care of yourself is important. Not just mentally, but physically too.  Everyone should make self care part of their routine especially when it comes to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It reminds yourself that your needs are a priority no matter what else is going on. Self care looks different for everyone but the result is the same:a boosted mood! Follow our top 5 ways of self care: beauty edition and put your needs first.


1: Create a Skincare Routine

There is no better feeling than taking care of yourself. Let’s start with giving your skin the extra love it deserves. A skincare routine has many benefits. It will improve your concerns, slow down the aging process, and leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated. Besides that, who doesn’t feel more relaxed and fresh after cleansing their skin? The most amazing feeling ever hands down! If you’re currently stuck on your current skincare and find that it is not benefiting you then you’ve come to the right place. With our medical-grade products and talented Aestheticians we can take your skin goals to the next level. Come in for your complimentary skin consultation and we can set you up with the best products for your skin type.

2: Get a Face Mask That Works For your Skin Type

While face masks are fun to incorporate into your routine not all face masks are created equal. It comes down to your skin type and overall goals. At Images Med Spa our face masks contain active ingredients that will get the job done. Some store-bought face masks will leave your skin hydrated and glowing but the problem is that they are missing the crucial ingredients to produce long-term results. Follow below to find the best mask for your skin-type.



The Epionce Enriched Firming Mask is exactly what your dry skin needs. This hydrating mask is expertly formulated with botanical ingredients to help soothe and improve the visible appearance of elasticity and firmness of the skin. With highly emollient properties and a proprietary blend of barrier lipids, Enriched Firming Mask helps calm visible redness and irritation.  Gives skin a visible boost of hydration.



The Detoxifying Mask by PCA is made for an oily skin type. Oftentimes when the skin produces more sebum this can cause enlarged pores and locks in unwanted dirt or oils. This at-home charcoal mask minimizes the appearance of pores while absorbing excess dirt, oil and debris trapped deep in the pores. This Detoxifying Mask may be your answer to all your skin concerns.



This skin type is a combination of all of the skin types but more than often it includes dry and oily skin. The Revision Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is obviously a fall favorite! But more importantly This mask is unique within the Revision line because it combines gentle and physical exfoliation. This scrub-in mask contains enzymatic exfoliation with additional softening benefits. Also, a fan-favorite for its rich antioxidant benefits.


3: Release Stress and Get a Therapeutic Massage

There is truly nothing more relaxing than a therapeutic massage. Whether you’re looking for a Prenatal massage, Deep tissue, Swedish or Raindrop therapy, we have a number of massages that will relax your body and mind. We recommend getting a massage at least once a month or whenever your body tells you it’s time. A massage is the number one way to relieve stress. Oftentimes our bodies tense up due to stress and this can leave you with a stiff neck, back pain and muscle tightness. The benefits from a massage are endless. Not only will it improve your mood but it will increase endorphins, circulation, range of motion and minimize pain.


4: Build a journey with Skin Treatments 

Ready to achieve your best skin yet? With the right skin treatment plan you can remove blemishes, wrinkles, improve moisture, tighten and regenerate your overall complexion for long-term results. Skin is a lifelong journey and results don’t come overnight or even after one treatment. This often is the misconception with skin treatments  because who doesn’t want instant results? 

We’ve all unfortunately done the worst things for our skin without even knowing it. How many times have you gone outside without SPF? Lathered your skin with makeup? Fallen asleep with makeup on? Using chemical packed products? The  list goes on. All of these over the years cause more damage than you’ll ever know. When it comes to beautiful skin this often means reversing the damage that has already been done and restoring the skin’s health. Read more about the skin treatments we offer at Images Med Spa or book your appointment today and prioritize yourself.


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5: Address Aging the Right Way 

Restoring volume and reducing wrinkles just became a whole lot easier with the MVP of treatments: Filler and Botox. Let’s dive into these two treatments because they are often confused by those new to the Aesthetics world.



So what really is Botox? Botox is a liquid substance known as a neurotoxin and when it is injected it blocks the muscles under the skin from contracting. Crazy right? We all make so many different facial expressions that eventually turn into wrinkles as we age. Botox is the only answer to removing and preventing wrinkles or fine lines. This treatment lasts 3-4 months but this depends on the person. Metabolism, facial expressions and the amount of botox injected. Most clients notice after getting Botox that their wrinkles are finer than before. This can happen because the Botox has paralyzed the muscles under the skin so the expression lines are no longer forming.



Is Botox and Filler the same? The answer is No. Filler is used to restore or add volume. It can be used in areas such as the lips, cheeks, under eyes, jaw, hands and the list goes on. It is a gel-like substance made out of Hyaluronic Acid which is a sugar molemade found in the body. Fillers can last up to 6-9 months and can create a lasting plumpness due to the collagen stimulated. Some fillers are thicker and have different contouring properties. Finding the right filler for you will all come down to goals and what our Aesthetic Nurses would recommend.

While everyone’s skin is different, anyone can follow these tips on a daily basis and transform their skin. Healthy habits will add up when it comes to aging or any other skin concerns. At Images Med Spa we are all about taking our skincare and self-care to the next level. If you want to improve your skin and habits, set up your complimentary consultation so one of our skin experts can set you up with your own individual skincare routine.

With everything that has been going on this year, everyone needs a little pampering. Book your appointment at Images Med Spa, today and treat yourself or a loved one to a little something special! Images Med Spa is doing everything that we can to keep everyone healthy – Visit our Covid-19 Precautions page for more information.


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