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Venus Legacy in Deer Park, IL

Venus Legacy® is a skin rejuvenation technology that combines innovative multi-polar radio-frequency with pulsed electromagnetic fields system to deliver deep heating, which has been proven to reduce cellulite. Venus Legacy® uses heat to penetrate the multiple layers of skin and fat to stimulate collagen production, breaking down fat cells, and smoothing out cellulite. Venus Legacy® can be used to firm and tighten skin as well as reduce cellulite in any area on the face or body.


Procedure time

60 minutes

Recovery time

0 - 1 day

What it treats

  • Cellulite
  • Sagging skin


Typically, 6-8 treatments are required for facial and neck skin tightening. On average, 8-10 treatments are required for body skin tightening. You will start to notice an improvement in a little as 2-3 treatments.

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