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Filler and Botox are some of our favorite treatments; while they are both effective services that focus on minimizing signs of age they might not provide the exact lift you’re looking for. Thread lifting is right between fillers and surgery. The Thread lift offers you another option that will slim the face and lift in certain areas of concern.


Procedure time

30 - 60 minutes

Recovery time

24 - 48 hours | Bruising and discomfort may last longer.

What it treats

  • Brows
  • Lower face
  • Jowls

The treatment process.

The step-by-step patient experience.

There are many different types of Threads. The Threads we will be using, Silhouette Instalift, is the only non-surgical treatment with advanced microsuspension technology that uses micro cones. They are made of PLLA or Sculptra, which is why you will continue to see gradual results.

The Consultation

A provider will discover the perfect filler for your skin depending on your desires. Together, you will devise a unique plan that is catered towards your individual needs. We want this treatment to be unique to you and your specific needs.

Pre and Post-Treatment

Prior to treatment the patient should adhere to the same things we tell patients for fillers. Avoid aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E, Aleve, nsaids or alcohol prior to the procedure to minimize the risk of bruising. No dental appts for 2 weeks before or 4 weeks after the procedure.

How long do my results last?

Typically, patients get an immediate lift, with a gradual increase in collagen production that could last up to two years.

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