Radio Frequency Microneedling Facial

The innovative treatment.

The Radio Frequency Microneedling facial in Wheaton and Mokena can help effectively stimulate collagen using revolutionary technology to help target lost volume. Lift and soften your fine lines with no downtime!



The treatment process

The step-by-step patient experience.

As with all of our treatments, we want to ensure you are fully aware of the pros and cons of a radiofrequency facial. Let us educate you on how the treatment works, how it can help you, and other treatments that may benefit you.

The Consultation

Depending on your desired results, a provider will discuss all of your options with you, including a radiofrequency facial. We will help you devise a long-term plan to achieving all of your skin care goals! Note: this technique will not benefit patients with rosacea, as it will likely cause further inflammation and make redness worse.

Skin Assessment

Your skin will be cleaned and assessed to assure the radiofrequency facial has the best chance of success. 

Radio Frequency Facial

A provider will apply the machine to the areas of your skin you’d like to target using radio frequency. You may feel some minor heat sensations during your treatment.

Want to know more?

Check out our latest blog post featuring a Q&A with our lead aesthetician, Gia.

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A Radio Frequency Facial will help your skin feel totally reinvigorated. Patients tell us that their skin feels firmer, tighter, and more lifted after this treatment.