Spectra Q Switch Laser


Reduce or eliminate brown spots

Melasma Laser in Deer Park, IL

The Spectra® Q Switch Laser is a 1064 Nd-Yag laser that delivers specialized nanosecond energy to reduce or eliminate abnormal melanin (brown pigment) in the skin. The laser energy gently breaks apart the abnormal melanin (brown) pigment into smaller particles that can then be effectively removed by your body’s natural clearing processes.


Procedure time

15 - 30 minutes

Recovery time

0 - 1 day

What it treats

  • Pigmentation
  • Brown spots


Treating melasma is a gradual process that requires multiple sessions. Typically it takes 10-12 treatments for best results. Since melasma is a chronic skin disorder, maintenance therapy is needed to control the production of melanin and strict avoidance of sun exposure.

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