How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Nothing like having razor bumps and ingrown hairs on your bikini line let alone your armpits or legs especially as summer begins to roll in. It’s all just terrible because that means bikini season is here and the shaving process begins to be part of your weekly routine. The worst part of shaving is that it doesn’t last longer than 2 days, if that. Us women have it hard! But at this point if shaving has become the most dreadful part of your week then you’ve probably considered other options, which may actually have led you here. Your answer is Laser Hair Removal.

What Are Razor Bumps? And Why Do I Get Them?

Razor bumps always seem like an inevitable side effect of shaving. The reason we get these razor bumps that seem to take forever to get rid of is because shaving essentially removes the top layer of the skin. Hairs can also turn inward after shaving and as a fresh layer begins to grow on top the red bumps begin to form trapped hairs and irritated skin. Razor bumps often stick around for several days and the irritated skin should be avoided altogether until the red bump clears up. A few other common reasons that we get these nasty razor bumps is because we shave with a dirty or old razor and the skin dries out. ALSO you may just be learning this now but you shouldn’t shave against the grain. This will only make the skin worse. The sad truth is that razor bumps are common for most and it can be difficult to prevent them. It’s definitely not convenient when you have an event to attend or plan the day in your swimsuit.



Goodbye Razor Bumps, HELLO FRESH SKIN! 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to razor once in a while and trade it in with a permanent solution Laser Hair Removal is your answer. Not only your answer to zero hair but also your answer to smoother, silkier skin. Sure, at this point you have many questions about this top-notch time-saving aesthetic laser. The way that it works is the pulses of the highly concentrated light destroys the hair follicle. Like 90% of these patients have noticed permanent hair loss after 3 to 6 sessions. The pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can zap multiple coarse hairs at once. So technically smaller sections can legitimately be done in a minute!

How to Prepare For Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment? 

Prior to your appointment you will want to avoid any plucking or waxing in the areas that are being treated. If you were to wax or pluck you are removing the hair follicle fully from the pore which will work against the job of the laser treatment. What you will want to do prior to your appointment is be fully shaved. If the hair is too long you could risk burning your skin, while we wouldn’t allow this it’s best to come prepared for your treatment! Avoiding the sun a week before your appointment will allow you to reach best results before your first laser hair removal session.

What to Expect After Your First Session

After your first Laser Hair Treatment you won’t notice immediate results so don’t expect silky bare skin just yet. Minimal redness and a bit of sensitivity is common after your treatment and won’t last long after your appointment. The good news is that the laser has done its job, the follicle responsible for any growth is now fried off and dead. The next few days the hair follicle will begin to fall off. We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions in 4-8 intervals to achieve the best results and completely destroy the hair follicle.


Skip the stress of a weekly shaving routine and get rid of that coarse hair once in for all. The stubble-free and bump-free life is worth it to so many who are constantly shaving due to dark hair tones and quick hair growth. The Laser technology is an aggressive approach to removing hair for long-term results. With 90% hair reduction it definitely sounds worth it for us for silky smoother skin!



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