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As we age, it becomes more and more likely that we’ll experience telangiectasis, also known as spider veins. These veins can be aesthetically undesirable but can also cause serious aching, itching, and other irritating symptoms. Sclerotherapy  is an efficient and effective treatment to overcome any aesthetic or physical issue you may have.


Procedure time

15 - 60 minutes

Recovery time

Minimal to no downtime | Slight Bruising | Raised Bumps

What it treats

  • Spider Veins
  • Reticular Veins
  • Vein Pain


Sclerotherapy is a relatively simple, pain-free treatment. Depending on the desired results and unique veins, the treatment can take up to 15-60 minutes. Every patient’s treatment and results vary. Typically, treatments on the legs take longer than a facial treatment. We recommend patients coming back for 3-5 treatment sessions to obtain optimal results. It depends on your unique procedure, but sometimes patients will have to apply a compress to relieve the veins.

How does Sclerotherapy work?

A treatment overview.

Sclerotherapy in Wilmette Northshore, IL is a treatment that eliminates the appearance of veins and any irritations they may cause. The treatment involves injecting a safe chemical compound into strategically chosen blood vessels. This FDA approved chemical compound is composed of Sotradecol, saline, and oxygen to ignite a bubbling reaction within the veins. Once this compound is in the vein, the vein deflates, becomes waste tissue, and is absorbed by the body. Essentially, the injection causes the veins to collapse and in turn transforms the veins into waste tissue to diminish the appearance and irritation.

Sclerotherapy in Wilmette, IL is an efficient and effective treatment for removing undesired spider veins. Each process is administered with expert care and precision. Prior to the treatment, an experienced Sclerotherapy will walk you through the treatment process to ensure safety and comfortability. We suggest receiving at least 2-5 treatments to guarantee substantial, remarkable results.

The Consultation

Prior to Sclerotherapy in Wilmette, IL, it’s important for a medical professional to assess and review your medical history. Once the medical assessment clears, you and your physician will discuss your treatment plan. From there, the physician will determine which areas of the body can be successfully treated.

Targeted Treatment

Once all the desired areas are confirmed, your physician will cleanse the treatment area. Your medical professional will inject the solution in the predetermined areas to achieve your desired outcome.

The Finishing Touches

After the injection, the undesired veins will collapse and in turn transforms the veins into waste tissue to diminish the appearance.

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