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PRP Hair Restoration

If we were lucky, our hair would keep the same fullness it held in its youth. Although, the tale of time changes our hair’s volume and consistency. With PRP hair restoration your hair will return to its prime. This transformative procedure utilizes your body’s own resource, platelet rich plasma, to enhance the volume and revitalize hair growth. This treatment allows men and women to get their hair back again with PRP Hair Restoration.


Procedure time

30 - 60 minutes

Recovery time

Minimal to none | Minimal soreness

What it treats

  • Hair Loss
  • Thinning Hair
  • (Men & Women)


PRP Hair Restoration gives men and women the chance to revitalize their hair. After the procedure is complete, it’s common for patient’s scalps to feel slightly sore. We recommend taking a shower after the procedure to stimulate the blood flow. Patients will begin to notice visible signs of hair growth within 2-3 months. Although, significant results typically appear within 4-6 months. PRP Hair Restoration in Mokena, IL can promote hair growth for over a year.

PRP Hair Restoration, Explained

A treatment overview.

PRP Hair Restoration is essentially a hair regrowth treatment that uses the plasma derived from your blood to ignite hair follicles. The platelet rich plasma you hold is composed of 8 natural growth factors that are designed to encourage the development of new blood cells and ignite cell growth. These natural factors are the golden ticket to promoting the growth of hair follicles. PRP Hair Restoration uses your body’s natural ingredients to plant a seed and stimulate hair growth.


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