Defining The Brow.


Eyebrows are one of the main focal points of the face, therefore keeping them bold and beautiful creates a look beyond the ages. Microblading  is a face defying treatment. This accentuating treatment is essentially a semi-permanent tattoo that fills in the brow’s bare spots. Define, fill, and empower your brow with Microblading.


Procedure time

60 - 120 minutes

Recovery time

Minimal redness & swelling

What it treats

  • Undefined brows
  • Thin Brows


After microblading, your eyebrows will accent your face like never before. You may experience slight redness and scabbing for about a week following the procedure. It’s also important to avoid immersing your brows into water the first week. Your esthetician will walk you through the necessary post-procedure steps that are unique to you. The results of microblading in Mokena, IL typically give you filled, defined eyebrows for 1-2 years.

Microblading, Explained

A treatment overview.

Our brows can sometimes have bare, thin, sparse spots that don’t compliment the rest of the brow. Microblading in Mokena, IL is essentially a semi-permanent tattoo that mimics the fine lines of your eyebrow’s hairs. An esthetician will fill in bare spots with a tiny, hand-held needle filled with ink. Microblading applies colorant to stimulate the brow region to produce fuller, thicker brows.


The Consultation

Before the treatment is administered, an experienced esthetician will discuss the treatment process, color, and style. Based on your desired results, a personalized plan to compliment your brows will be crafted. Together you will discuss the outcome, and once all questions and concerns are covered, an esthetician will begin the Microblading process.

Safety First

We always want to ensure our patients feel comfortable during all of our administered procedures. To prepare for the treatment, an esthetician will apply a topical numbing gel. This will help reduce any potential discomfort throughout the procedure.

Blading Begins

Once the patient is comfortable and the brow is numb, the esthetician will begin microblading. This is a very detailed, precise process which may take 1-2 hours. We strive to deliver results that exceed expectations, which is why it’s important to take careful time microblading. This procedure may feel similar to a light scraping, but is very painless, especially with topical numbing cream applied.

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