A solution to the double chin.


Kybella tackles unwanted fat under the chin or jawline. This injectable is the only nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that is FDA-approved in the United States. Kybella is a reliable option for both men and women wanting to get reduce stubborn fat underneath the chin.


Procedure time

60 minutes

Recovery time

Swelling ranges 1 - 2 weeks

What it treats

  • Double Chin
  • Unwanted Fat Below the Chin
  • Contoured Jawline

Kybella Results

Kybella results are noticeable at four to six week and last for years.

Kybella Treatment Process

Kybella is a safe, reliable injectable treatment that strategically inserts deoxycholic acid into designated areas. Deoxycholic acid is beneficial in the breakdown of fats and has a unique ability to destroy fat cells, forbidding them to absorb fat ever again. Most of the time, a double chin doesn’t involve weight gain. Typically, it’s either your genetic makeup or the natural aging process. For most, this stubborn fat is difficult to get rid of but Kybella makes it easy.

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