At Images Med Spa organ donation month is something we hold dearly to our hearts. While giving to a greater cause always feels good, this charity is personal to our Head of Injectors and founder of Aesthetic Mentor, Amie Martin. This life turning experience she has been through is emotional and deeply heart-touching. But one she feels moved by to share with the world and bring awareness to organ donation month.


How giving the gift of life turns a time of loss into a time of hope.


The story begins with how giving the gift of life turns a time of loss into a time of hope. Where two mothers are connected through the heart of one child to another. 

Amie’s beautiful daughter, Ava, is known for her story from the very beginning of being born with several congenital heart defects. After enduring many open heart surgeries and going into heart failure, she was given the miracle of a life saving heart, transparent. On December 14th 2014, the transplant was a success. That same evening, Amie Martin received a message on Facebook that left her and her husband speechless…


“Hey Amie! I heard about your sweet daughter from a friend and my body felt weak. Our son, William, a two-year-old from Nashville, donated his heart yesterday. We were told it was going to a one-year-old in Chicago. That is all the info they gave us. Do you know where your daughter’s new heart came? Regardless, it warms my heart to hear your story. We lost our son when he choked while eating lunch on Friday. In the words of our four year old, “He is alive in Heaven!” God has been so good to us and knowing our sweet William’s heart and kidneys went to save two lives has been a bright spot in our darkest hour. I will be praying for your girl. With love, Jamie” – Jamie Heard


These two mother’s exchanged messages back and forth in which they built an emotional friendship through the heartbreak and hope they both have endured. A few months after Ava’s successful surgery the two families met and felt a deeper connection that would last a lifetime. 

Because of organ donation, William’s heart continues to beat in sweet little Ava. The Martin’s and the Heard’s have become really close with each other’s family and have had the honor of watching all their children grow up, including William’s heart. A true gift from God that has provided tremendous healing. 

Meet Amie Martin & Jamie Heard as we sit down to learn about the importance of organ donation, the families connection and how you can support. 

Faithfully Restored x Images Med Spa

We are excited to partner up with Faithfully Restored to assemble care packages for all of the mothers of little ones awaiting a transplant at Lurie’s Children Hospital for Donate Life Month.

Get involved with us! Throughout the month of April, Images Med Spa will be accepting donations where all the proceeds will go to Lurie’s Children Hospital. If you are interested in supporting organ donation month, please contact us for more information. 


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